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Amazon Interview Experience For Software Developer Intern

Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2021
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Amazon visited our campus around late September to hire for the role of Software Developer Intern. There were 3 rounds involved in the process.

  • An online test
  • Two technical interviews.

The online test was organized on Mettl Platform and consisted of the following parts :

Technical Round 1:

  • Started with the introduction.
  • Then two coding questions were asked :
  • Given the data of n buses in a bus station with their arrival and departure time, find the minimum number of platforms required so that none of the buses overlap:
  • Gave an O(nlogn) solution by sorting all the timings.
  • Given a binary matrix, find the number of shapes and their parameter (length) present in the matrix. A shape is a sequence of consecutive ones, and we can move in all eight directions:
  • Solved using BFS.
  • Discussion on time and space complexities of each problem.

Technical Round 2 :

 After about a week, I got the news through my college that I have been selected and given an internship offer. A total of 4 students got selected.

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