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CEDCOSS Interview Experience for Software Developer Intern | On-Campus 2021

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Selection Process:

Online Mode:

  1. HR Round
  2. Technical Interview: Level 1

Offline Mode:

  1. Machine Test
  2. Tech Interview: Level 2

Round 1 HR(15 mins Google meet): This is the first round in CEDCOSS in which they asked simple questions like 

  1. Tell me about yourself? 
  2. Define loop and describe its uses.
  3. Difference between tuple and list
  4. Types of arrays in Python
  5. Are you aware of the bond and agree with it?
  6. Are you ready for reallocation?

Round 2 (Technical Interview 20 mins Google meet): This interview started with some basic questions like oops concept, constructor, and modifier. Then started with coding questions like

  1. Quick Sort and its time complexity.
  2. Find Occurrence of maximum character in  a given string
  3. Merging two arrays in ascending order
  4. Find the second smallest element without sorting.

After these questions, he asked me that I am aware of JavaScript?. I said Yes, then he asked some basic questions about JavaScript.

He also asked some basic questions on HTML and CSS.

Round 3 Machine Test(1 hour in office): For this round, they asked me to carry with my academic documents along with my resume. This is programming MCQs and aptitude questions. I did not perform well in Round 3(machine test) and was rejected.

GeeksforGeeks was a great help during my preparation. Thanks to other students for sharing their interview experience.

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Last Updated : 09 Feb, 2021
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