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Amazon Interview Experience | 215 (On-Campus for Internship)

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Online Round(1:30 hrs)
20 MCQs based on OS, C, C++, 3 questions on aptitude & 1 question on DBMS.

Q1. Write a program to separate even nodes from odd nodes and odd nodes must come after even nodes(in place).

Input:  17->15->8->9->2->4->6
Output: 8->2->4->6->17->15->9

Q2. Find if the Robot moves in Circular fashion.

After this round 20 students were shortlisted.
Then there were 2 PI rounds

Round 1:
Q1. Print a matrix spirally.

Q2. How to deserialize and serialize a binary tree.

After this round 8 students were selected.

Round 2:
Q1. Given a sorted stream of 0’s and 1’s, find the first occurrence of 1.Write a full working code.
I firstly did it in O(n). Then he asked me to reduce the complexity.I reduced the complexity to O(log n) by applying binary search.

Then he asked about my project mentioned in my CV. It went on for 20 minutes.
Then he asked me another question.

Q2. What happens when you click a web address and how are web pages retrived.

Q3. He asked me about memory management in C and C++ and how new allocates memory to objects and he asked me to overload new operator.

Q4. If you are given some functions and whenever you call that function,the timestamp is stored along with function name.

eg: f1    1:20
    f2    2:30
    f1    3:10

Suggest an appropriate data structure and write a code to make following queries within two given time stamps t1 &t2:
query 1: Return number of all the functions called between t1 & t2.
query 2: Return number of times a particular function is called between t1&t2.

Then he asked me various OS and networking Questions.

Q5. Given an array of integers,find a subarray having least average.

Q6. Suggest some data structures to maintain relationship between various hierarchies in an organization.

Thanks to geeksforgeeks for helping me out.
Read Geeksquiz for MCQs & g4g for interview questions.

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Last Updated : 15 Dec, 2022
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