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ACI Worldwide Interview Experience

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ACI WORLDWIDE: Total 4 Rounds

3 sections and 60 Minutes
Section 1: Advanced Analytical (10 Questions)
Section 2: Advanced Quantitative (10 Questions)
Section 3: C and JAVA (40 Question)

Analytical and Quantitative sections were easy. The third section was moderate.
(Prepare JAVA Collections, OOP concepts, C pointers, etc well)

There were total 150 students who gave the test and 30 were selected for the next interview rounds at ACI Worldwide, Kalyani Nagar.

Interview 1 (Technical):
1) Tell me something about yourself
2) Explain your favorite projects (any 2). Make sure that you can talk about your one project for at least 10-15 minutes.
3) Further question-answers on projects like why you used SQL and not NOSQL, why firebase and not MySQL. If you want to improve your project what will you add and so on. (Prepare very well about your projects and internships)
4) He asked me to explain all the OOP concepts and was given a condition that he don’t know any language and programming.
5) DBMS: Basic queries on JOINS and Index. What is PK, FK, UK, etc
6) OS: what is Synchronization, stateful and stateless. (After answering those question I asked them to shift on another subject as I was not comfortable with OS )
7) So they asked to write code for Binary search. Asked about the sorting algorithms and complexities and conditions where they differ. They also asked me to explain merge sort on paper. They gave me a condition and asked about the approach to choose a sorting algorithm for that particular problem.
8) (Turning point 1) When they gave me the opportunity to ask some questions to them, I asked about two products and mentioned how to improve them a bit. Both of my interviewers didn’t even know about those products so they called a guy just to answer my question.

(around 15 were selected for next round)

Interview 2: (Managerial)
1) Tell me about yourself.
2) Projects (Again in depth)
3) Elaborate your learning approach.
4) What you will prefer C++ or JAVA.
5) Where do you see yourself after 5 years? (Turning Point 2)
6) Then he talked about the company values and all for about 10 minutes.
He then told me that he was really impressed

(around 10 were selected for next round)

Interview 3: (HR)
1) How was your day and other interviews?
2) About my android project
3) Family background
4) Further studies (He tried to trick me many times and asked me to think about higher studies)
5) Why ACI?
6) Contribution in Open Source if any

(7 were selected)

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Last Updated : 08 Jul, 2019
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