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Accolite Interview Experience | On-Campus ( Internship + FTE) 2021

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Round 1 – Online MCQ round conducted on EduThrill which is their very own platform for conducting tests and hiring challenges. This round consisted of 30 MCQs to be solved in 30mins. These MCQs were covering topics such as OS, DBMS, C Outputs, Networking based on routing and subnetting, Aptitude, Java Output Questions. You have to be both fast as well as accurate to crack it. A total of 1000(approx.) students gave this test and only 200 qualified for the next round.

Round 2- This was a pure Coding Round conducted on Code.lyzer platform which is also one of their products. It has only 1 question and there were only 45 minutes to solve it. It was a Leetcode Hard problem similar to , which was based on Graphs.

24 selected after this round and 3 were kept on hold.

Round 3 – This was a technical round where the interviewer gave 3 coding questions (1 easy- medium, 1 medium, and 1 medium-hard).

  1. Find the Mth element of the Array after K left rotations(After solving this he gave me some test cases and told me to dry run step by step for both of them, so as to see if I really understood how it worked(though I was speaking aloud while approaching).
  2. Build An Expression Tree, then after coding it he added an extra constraint and told me to write the same program for equation containing different types of parenthesis(basically [] and () ). I was stuck in the [] and () part of the question, so he gave me some hints and I eventually solved the question.
  3. Count Palindrome Sub-Strings of a String. I solved it using the Naive approach O(n^3) and Dynamic Programming O(n^2), then he told me to do it better in case of space complexity i.e try for O(n) space.

Then he asked a few questions on OS and questions on my projects related to Caching and Third-Party Authentication flow.

10 selected after this round.

Round 4 – Another Technical round where the interview asked questions on my project. He went deep into my project and also asked questions related to the technologies that I used in my project as well. The project discussion went on for about 30-40 minutes, then he asked me to tell him some of the issues that I encountered in Code.lyzer platform and if any, how would you rectify them or enhance them if you were to develop the same. Then he asked me some questions about Api Authentications. Then he jumped on to some DSA questions like

  1. Detecting loop in Linked List.
  2. Finding the longest subarray with sum 0 in the binary array

Finally, there were some questions on complexities and DBMS, followed by some basic HR questions. This round went on for 1 hour(approx).


After this round, a total of 7 people was selected. 6 for Internship + FTE and 1 for Internship, and luckily I was offered the Internship + FTE role.

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Last Updated : 17 Sep, 2020
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