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Accolite Digital Interview Experience for Women Hiring | Off-Campus 2022

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Accolite Digital | Women Hiring | Interview Experience | 2022

Round 1(Online Assessment Round): Test duration – 30 min

  • It was an MCQ Round conducted on Eduthrill Platform of Accolite.
  • It consisted of 30 mcq questions which were based on Aptitude, Data structure, DBMS, Operating System, Computer Networking and other computer related subjects.
  • Result – Got test link for next round the same day.

Round 2(Coding Round): Test duration – 1 hr

  • It consisted of 1 coding question (graph-based).
  • Question – A directed graph is given with n nodes and m edges, each node is associated with alphabet. Beauty of path is number of most frequently occurring alphabet. find most beautiful path and max beauty value it has.
  • Result – Did partially correct code, 3/5 test-cases passed and after a week got mail for clearing coding round and will shortly be informed about interview process.

Round 3(Technical Interview Round 1 – Meet Duration: 30-35 min): Panellist introduced himself then gave a brief to the process of interview.

Questions –

  1. Tell me about yourself,
  2. Difference between break and continue with implementation in IDE,
  3. Difference between for, do-while, while loops,
  4. Few questions on Binary Search like complexity and which data structure is used,
  5. Difference between tree and graph,
  6. Binary Search Tree basic knowledge and real-life example,
  7. Preorder, Inorder, Postorder traversal in given tree,
  8. Write circular linked list structure,
  9. Difference between structure of circular and doubly linked list,
  10. Oops concept,
  11. Show the projects (which I mentioned in my introduction),
  12. Ask me any question.

Result – Got invite link for next round same day.

Round 4(Technical Interview Round 2 – Meet duration: 1 hr): Started with introducing each other and process of interview.

Questions –

  1. SQL question (fetch data from given table),
  2. JSON questions (like closure, etc),
  3. Oops questions,
  4. 2 coding questions – first question –  print all possible palindromic strings, second question – remove duplicate elements from unsorted array and then asked to print result in descending order too.
  5. Ask me any question.

Result – Got invite link for hr round next day.

Round 5(HR Round): Meet duration – 40 min

Questions –

  1. Tell me something about yourself?
  2. Why Engineering?
  3. If not engineering then what?
  4. Explain the projects which you mention in your resume?
  5. Detailed questioning on project.
  6. Most challenging part while creating project?
  7. How will you handle situation under pressure?
  8. How do you utilize your time in the lockdown period?
  9. What do you know about Accolite and why do you choose Accolite?
  10. Willing to relocate?

Then, Package discussion and Company’s brief introduction.

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Last Updated : 23 Nov, 2021
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