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Accenture Interview Experience (On-Campus 2021)
  • Last Updated : 27 Nov, 2020

Accenture had come for 2 roles (On-campus) :

  1. Associate software engineer ~ Application development associate
  2. Software engineer ~ Application development analyst

Round 1: First, there was a cognitive + technical assessment(90 min 90 questions), which had the aptitude, verbal reasoning, technical MCQs from DS, Algo, pseudocode o/ps, and MS office questions. (Elimination round)

Round 1(Coding): After qualifying the above round, there will be a coding test (2 questions – 45 min) (Non-elimination round)

The questions were:

  1. Find the Digi root of a number : eg: 456: 4+5+6=15,  15: 1+5=6, so 6 is the Digi root of the input 456.
  2. “a+b=x” is the input string, where x could be anywhere(in place of a or b or the position described), a and b values are given, we need to find the value of x. (I could solve both of them)

After the above round, there is a communication assessment for 20 mins- pretty easy, nothing to worry about here. (Non- elimination round)

The final round is the Tech+HR interview ( 2 panelists- 1 Tech and 1 HR):

The questions asked were:

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. Tell me about your project?
  3. Tell me the technical and personal difficulties faced in your project?
  4. Tell me about the role of your project guide?
  5. Tell me about the suggestions made by the project reviewer and how did you implement them?
  6. Tell me about any online certifications you did?
  7. Tell me about your least favorite subject?

Any questions for us? That’s it, The Letter of intent came after 2 days and I was selected for the software engineer (application development analyst) role.

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