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Accenture Interview Experience for Data Engineer Analyst | On-Campus 2021

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I had applied for Accenture On-Campus on 24/3/2021 through my campus link. I had my mock test on1st of April, please make sure u attend this test.

Round 1: On April 2nd

  1. This round is the Cognitive and Technical assessment round. Those who pass move to the coding round. 
  2. So the first assessment consists of 6 sections, Cognitive assessment: English, Reasoning, Aptitude and Technical assessment: MS Office, pseudocode,(Networks and Cloud) concepts. I suggest prepinsta to get a more clear view of this assessment because the marks you obtain in this would be consolidated for the selection process. Each section has sectional cutoff marks in which the score would process for 10 mins if u get passed in this then u move to the coding round. 
  3. Coding Questions (Easy):
    1. Input : i = 2, j = 30, d = 3.  ---- 10marks
    Output: 3
    Explanation: where i is the starting value and j 
    is the ending value and d is the unit digit value 
    where u have to calculate the number of numbers with a 
    unit digit as d, in this case (3, 13, 23).
    2. Input: [ 1 2 3 4] -----  20marks
    Output: [24 12 8 6]
    Explanation: In the Output array, each index should have
    the multiplication of all the other indexes of the input array.
    [2x3x4=24, 1x3x4=12, 1x2x4=8, 1x2x3 = 6]--- output array

Round 2: On April 3rd to 5th – within the course of time

Communication Round – Non-elimination round (just to check on communication skills and the marks may be considered at the end of the selection process). 

  1. Read the sentence from the screen.
  2. Speak the sentence from the audio.
  3. Jumbled sentence corrects them (audio) – Eg. Never hope to lose (audio u listen) – Never lose hope (u should answer).
  4. Either or kind of question. Eg. The book is on the table or inside pouch (audio and text are given) – on the table (choose which makes sense).
  5. 30sec story (audio is played)  – the concept of a story should be repeated for the next 30sec.
  6. Speech for 40 secs (2 titles).

After this, they shortlisted 8 candidates from our college.

Round 3(Final Round): On April 7th

  1. They gave three days (7,8,9th of April) slot which ever is comfortable for us we can choose that date. I had two interviewers who first asked me to introduce myself. And then they were asked me to explain the final year project elaborately. They never asked deep questions in them, they just wanted to know what was my contribution in that project, what role did I take in that project was all they expected. They asked which language I was comfortable in, I said Python. *He asked me about various data structures in Python (list, tuples, set, dictionary). *He asked me the difference between List and Tuple (mutable and not mutable). *Even though Tuple was not mutable why do we use them and where do we use them.
  2. Since I was from non-CS/IT background he asked me whether I had knowledge in Big data (I told him not much, but I gave the basic definition of that). I had knowledge of Machine learning so he asked very basic questions *supervised and unsupervised learning.
  3. That’s it, the interview just went on for 15 mins. And the last question was they asked what kind of role am I applying to. And the interviewer asked me if there any questions, I asked her what kind of technology will I be put in if I’m on your team. 

A selected list of students came on 15th April 2021 along with me 4 other students were selected. A special thanks to GeeksForGeeks for helping me know the interview experiences of companies. 

Last Updated : 26 Apr, 2021
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