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7 Most In-Demand Digital Marketing Job Roles For Freshers

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Digital Marketing is one of those few lucrative career options that has evolved massively in the last few years and the demand for Digital Marketing Professionals is significantly high in the tech world. Reports say that the Indian Digital Marketing Industry is expected to grow with an average rate of 14-15% annually – which signifies the future in the Digital Marketing career domain is bright and worthwhile.  


If we talk about the reasons behind such immense growth and popularity of Digital Marketing in recent times – it can be due to the rapid emergence of digitalization in almost every aspect. The number of internet users is growing exponentially and subsequently, the businesses are also going online to scale up and to effectively connect with their customers. From booking a cab to ordering food to shop anything – everything now can be done over the web and users are preferring it also because it gives them an adequate amount of convenience and flexibility over traditional methods.  

However, the point is all these platforms and businesses require to market themselves to connect with their targeted customers – and here comes the role of Digital Marketing!!  

Digital Marketing is basically concerned with the marketing practices via digital channels such as social media, search engines, websites & blogs, e-mail, etc. Unlike traditional marketing, there are numerous approaches and strategies in Digital Marketing such as Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Outreach, E-mail Marketing, and many others that you can opt for as per your requirements to meet your business goals.

If you’re looking forward to starting your career in the Digital Marketing domain then you’re not required to master all these approaches and strategies in one go – all you need to do is learn and master a particular skill of this domain, and you’re ready to GET A JOB or even to start something on your own!!  

Here, in this article, we’ll let you know about several specific job roles in Digital Marketing that are in high demand, and you can consider these to start your career in Digital Marketing in 2021.

Let’s get started:  

1. SEO Professional

Let’s consider an example – Suppose you’re visiting a new country. There you feel hungry and crave for the ‘Indian Food’ – now, what you do is take out your smartphone and search ‘best Indian Food at particular place’ on Google. Chances are more that you’ll open any of the first three links from the search results.  

Now, just forget the country and the food for a while, and think why only those particular links are placed on top of SERP, Search Engine Result Page.

Okay, let us tell you the magic behind it is called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It is the practice of optimizing your website or blog to improve its ranking on search engine result pages to increase traffic.

SEO is a great skill to learn for getting into the Digital Marketing world. As per Backlinko reports, less than 1% of Google searchers click on the results from the second page – that’s perhaps would be enough for you to understand the importance of SEO and ranking at the top positions of SERPs.  

With similar concern, almost every online business, whether it be startups or renowned ones, are shifting their focus to SEO to get better results.  

There are adequate opportunities for SEO Professionals, from executive to managerial posts, in the industry.

2. Social Media Analyst

Whether it be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, or any other – Social Media has become an integral part of almost everyone’s daily life. If we look at the numbers, there are around 350 million social media users only in India, and this number is expected to reach 450-500 million by the year 2024.

Needless to say, businesses can’t get any other better channel than social media to connect with their audience and to promote their products or services – at least in the current times. And undoubtedly, they are utilizing it the most with the help of Social Media Managers. If you’re a fresher, you can consider becoming a Social Media Analyst to start your professional journey.  

A Social Media Analyst is mainly responsible for creating and implementing various social media strategies to boost the brand image, connect with the targeted audience and customers without any geographical barriers, make them aware of new products and services, and many such things to grow the business.  

3. Graphic Designer

Going down with the list, here comes another most in-demand job role in the Digital Marketing field – Graphic Designer. In particular with the Digital Marketing domain, a Graphic Designer is mainly responsible for designing the imagery for different channels such as social media, blogs, landing pages, etc. to convey the idea or message to the audience in a more effective and efficient way.  

You must have heard this famous saying – “A picture is worth a thousand words“. Indeed, it exactly fits here as sometimes the entire web page may not be able to compel the user to take any action, however, a catchy image can do this for you instantly. And that’s why online businesses hire skilled Graphic Designer to build a better brand image, convey the idea to their targeted audience effectively, and subsequently improve their sales.

Meanwhile, Graphic Designing is itself very vast in Digital Marketing as it is concerned with numerous aspects like logo designing, social media ads and banners, images for websites and blogs, infographics, landing page design and can also be extended to Motion Graphic Designs like Promotional videos, Animated logos, etc. You can master any of these skills or all of them to start your Digital Marketing career as a Graphic Designer.  

4. Content Writer

When it comes to marketing digitally, you need to know that CONTENT is the KING…!! Even Google considers content quality as one of the major factors to rank a website or blog in search results. And that’s perhaps the primary reason behind such a huge demand for Content Writers.  

Online platforms require the content developers to feed the users with the content to promote themselves and market their products or services. This content can be written for and provided through any platform or channel such as websites, blogs, social media posts, e-books, etc. as per the business requirements. A Content Writer is required to understand the user intent and know what the user actually requires – and then come up with relevant content accordingly. If the content would be monotonous or irrelevant then forget about taking an action, the user won’t even read the entire content.  

You can start it by becoming a Content Writer and with some experience & skills upgradation – you can easily move to the higher positions like Content Strategist or Content Manager.  

5. Digital Analyst

Not only in-demand but one of the most prominent job roles as well in the Digital Marketing domain. It is true that businesses or brands can’t just follow the Digital Marketing practices solely based on their instincts or general assumption of the user behavior. They need some facts, stats, data points, proven results, etc. to come up with specific online marketing strategies – and a Digital Analyst or sometimes referred to as a Digital Marketing Analyst accomplishes this task.  

A Digital Analyst is primarily responsible for doing market research, finding the latest marketing trends, identifying the patterns and trends in ongoing marketing practices, preparing reports, and other related tasks to drive more leads and improve the Return on Investment (ROI). They often analyze and interpret the data by using various analytics tools and software and then assist the online marketing teams.

If you’re possessing some good analytical and strategic thinking skills to make data-driven decisions along with strong communication and presentation skills then you can surely consider this job role for yourself to get into the Digital Marketing world.  

6. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Professional

The demand for Pay-Per-Click professionals such as PPC Executive, PPC Analyst, PPC Expert, etc. is also quite high in the Digital Marketing industry. 

In case if you’re wondering what is PPC – let us tell you it is an advertising model in which advertisers placed their ads on a platform and pay an amount whenever users click on the ad. For instance, whenever you search for a particular keyword on the search engine – you’ll find various sponsored links on SERPs. Now, if you click on any sponsored link, the respective advertiser has to pay the search engine the prescribed amount. In simple words, it is a paid method of getting traffic to your website or blog.  

Though, despite being a paid practice, it is often preferred by a majority of online brands and platforms. Reports say that around one-third of users click on a paid search ad link while searching for a query – and that’s why advertisers are spending millions of rupees for their PPC campaigns. Hence, you can go with this particular domain as well to start your career in Digital Marketing.  

7. Email Marketer

Social Media is indeed the best way to increase brand outreach and get visible to your targeted audience without any geographical barrier. However, when it comes to nurture the leads or convert the first-time buyers into repeatable customers then E-mail Marketing is having an upper hand in this!  

As per the survey reports, around 80% of businesses & brands believe that email marketing enhances customer retention more effectively. One of the major advantages of E-mail Marketing is that it is comparatively cost-effective. Several other prominent benefits of E-mail Marketing are – personalized connection with your audience and customers, better return on investment (ROI), and many more.

In short, E-mail Marketing would also be a good choice for you – if you want to get into the Digital Marketing domain in 2021.  

So, these are several most demanding job roles that you can consider to start your career in the Digital Marketing domain in the year 2021. Let us tell you one more important thing – all these above-mentioned domains of Digital Marketing are significantly interlinked with each other. Hence, once you’ll get started with one role and become proficient in it – you easily would be able to learn and excel in other roles as well…!!

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Last Updated : 16 Mar, 2021
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