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Different job roles in Blockchain Technology

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Blockchain expertise is the fastest-growing skill in the latest skill index in today’s world It’s a huge platform and significant career opportunities for the professionals .The demand for people having blockchain skills are high. due to which many fields of application, looking to hire those people who have the skills to set to navigate this new technology. Blockchain is a technology that gained popularity because many cryptocurrencies adopted it like bitcoin. It also plays a significant role in industries like Healthcare, infrastructure security, digital advertising and many more

Job roles of Blockchain :

1. Blockchain Developer :

Developer with expertise help companies explore blockchain, its one of the marketable career path nowadays because people are eager to realize all the benefits of blockchain technology. A blockchain developer is responsible for developing and maintaining decentralized applications, optimizing blockchain protocols, developing web apps etc. The blockchain developer have a lot of experience working with languages like C++, python, JavaScript .

2. Blockchain solution architect :

They have the responsibility of designing, assigning, connecting and many more tasks and there are components with the team experts also such as developers, network administrator, IT operator, UX designers to develop to complete the blockchain solution.

3. Blockchain project manager :

Project managers are the head of every decentralized ledger project who acts as link between developers are on point about each project’s scope and ensure that you can meet up with client expectations ,they actually responsible for managing the team .They cover everything starting from developing roadmaps to deploying the solution so it’s a career with a lot of importance and responsibilities.

4. Blockchain UX designers :

UX design is every digital product ,but  blockchain product are, most of the times behind the current design trends or even good design standards ,it’s a very new field . mainly it’s the intersection of two prosperous, advanced and fast developing fields- the industry and its user experiences design and research . its like uncharted territory that everybody strives to explore.

5. Blockchain Quality Engineer :

A quality assurance engineer in the development environment are there to test and ensure the quality and requirements of the project .in the blockchain environment they conduct the testing and automation of frameworks for the blockchain . and their excellent communication skills also go a long way in maintaining good work relationship. They are the main asset to their businesses. The quality a engineer should know in this field is business management system, time series tracking for process metrics, process documentations, data analysis and organizational metrics improvement.

6. Blockchain legal consultants :

As the companies launches the new technology, they also look for legal expertise on what consideration to make while investment, about how to implications of their actions, how to handle their finances and management and for all this some proper communication skill is mandatory with a good grasp of international law as blockchain.

7. Blockchain Web Designer :

When companies launch crypto currencies they also require websites to spread awareness about their product. They require someone who can design nice UI and have good communication skills to work properly with the other departments of the organization.  

As the blockchain technology continues to evolve with its professional opportunities so, learning blockchain and starting career with blockchain is a good idea as this system will stay and will grow over years. Beside all the specific roles of professionals with blockchain technologies, it is also important that every organization has its fundamental block chain and it will only happen if every individual has the capability of understanding benefits, key capabilities use cases and critical success factors then only the organization can be fully exploit the blockchain.

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Last Updated : 07 Oct, 2022
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