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Different Job Roles In Cyber Security

Last Updated : 03 Nov, 2021
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Prerequisite: Cybersecurity

The Roles and job titles in the security sector often leads to overlapping of several responsibilities and are customized according to the size and needs of the organization. Different job roles like security analyst, security administration, security engineer, security architect and other consultant specialist are the typical job titles. As the cybersecurity domain keeps on expanding and developing all over the place  further, new roles and titles are likely to emerge an d the roles attributed to the current titles will likely crystallize or evolve.  

Cyber security is a vital area in this advanced world. With a surge of cyber attacks nowadays, ensuring the safety of your and your clients data has become a must-have for all companies. There are many different types of cyber security jobs available, some more technical than others. Often, you will need to have a few years of specialized education or training under your belt before you can apply for these positions, but even entry level jobs in the cyber security industry are still very lucrative.  

There are many job titles and which are discussed below:    

  1. Security Specialist –
    Security specialist are the people who are responsible for their organizations security. They check the systems and the connections for any security vulnerability. The onset of cloud trend has boosted this role as a security specialist is required to assess the cloud systems regularly.
  2. Incident Responder –
    Incident responders are people who not only detect the threats but also respond to them. These people help the organization and its employees to stay prepared and act when the security is breached.
  3. Security Administrator –
    Security administrators are the most essential personnel. Their tasks include roles of multiple titles. They set up proper security guidelines for the flow of data and also are responsible for installing firewalls and malware blockers.
  4. Vulnerability Assessor –
    Vulnerability assessor or vulnerable assessment analyst are people who run multiple tests on the systems. Their main aim is to find the critical flaws in the security system while also prioritizing things that affect the organization the most.
  5. Cryptographer –
    Cryptographers are the people who use cryptography techniques to encrypt and decrypt the data keeping it hidden from irrelevant parties. They are very essential and are more in demand.
  6. Security Manager –
    Security managers supervise the rest of the team. They take important decisions and oversee the whole team’s work.
  7. Security Architect –
    As the name suggests security architect are people who design the security structure. They also test out the security and respond to threats.  
  8. Security Analyst –
    Security analysts analyze the systems and patch the loop holes. They often work together with the rest of the team of IT specialist and developers.
  9. Security Auditor –
    Security auditor are the people who are tasked with finding the breach in the system first before anyone else does. They check whether the currently installed firewalls and other security measures are working properly or not.
  10. Forensic Expert –
    Forensic expert are people who trace back the hacks and breaches. They investigate cyberattacks or any other illegal activity taking place online. They try to revive any damaged or encrypted data related to the crime.
  11. Penetration Tester –
    Penetration testers are people who are allowed to hack the system and try to find a way in. They act like hackers trying to attack the security system.
  12. Security Consultant –
    Security consultant are people who assess the systems and suggest new improvements while pointing out the flaws. These people generally work as freelancers to develop a security plan.
  13. Security Engineer –
    Security engineers patch, maintain and remove stuffs on the system. They work directly on the system and are responsible for the modification of the system.

Finally, Cyber security is a vast world which has multiple job titles depending on the requirement. Even though the job responsibilities of most roles overlap, each one has its importance.

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