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10 Best SQL Editor Tools in the Market

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SQL (Structured Query Language) is undoubtedly one of the most popular and demanding skills in the tech world. And for the ease of DBAs and SQL developers, there are a lot of popular SQL Editor tools available in the market. These tools allow performing/executing SQL queries in databases so that we can store, extract, and manipulate real-time data available to us all around. You must now be thinking, “Is there any criteria for deciding the best editor tool?”. Yes, you can do the same by considering various parameters like cross-platform capabilities, debugging, analysis and user management, real-time collaboration, error highlighting, and many more as per your requirements and preferences.

10 Best SQL Editor Tools in the Market

Moreover, for your ease and convenience, in this article, we’re providing you with the list of 10 best SQL Editor Tools that will surely help you (especially beginners and students) to find out the right editor for yourself. So, let’s get started:

1. Datapine SQL Editor  

The Datapine SQL Editor tool follows the SaaS model so that you may use it anytime and anywhere. Primarily, it would be the best choice for aspiring or less-proficient programmers and developers because, with this tool, it is flexible to execute as well as generate SQL codes in an automatic manner. 

Thinking about whether this amazing tool will consume a lot of memory of the workstations where it is installed? No need to worry since this Editor tool is:

  • Completely browser-based.  
  • Also, it isn’t necessary to install the tool in accordance with the installation instructions. 

Besides, its interactive dashboards are capable of smartly performing various steps of data analytics through which managers or developers can relevantly analyze business insights and make better decisions vital to efficiently manage the business processes they are working with. 

In addition, there are many key functionalities this tool comprises of such as drag-and-drop interface, datapine warehouse (for remotely cloning the SQL database and further speeding up the advanced-level SQL query process), and compatibility with relational databases like MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and MySQL. All this keeps you engaged with Datapine SQL Editor. 

What you are waiting for now?? Check its pricing structure since the tool isn’t free and take a step ahead to fulfill all your data visualization or reporting requirements easily translatable with the key functionalities of this tool. 

2. Oracle SQL Developer  

This amazing Oracle SQL Developer tool synchronizes well with 32 and 64 bit Windows operating systems, Linux RPM, Mac OSX, and other OSs. Undoubtedly, the tool is complete in itself since with its help, many DBAs i.e. Database Administrators and other Oracle users are able to manage their daily SQL activities in lesser time and with fewer efforts. Contemplating whether the tool is open-source or you need to purchase its pricing plans?

See, the tool is open-source and it will consume 400 or more Megabytes of your Local Drives like C or E. After the time-saver tool is installed successfully, you can use its Development Environment for executing simplified worksheets without ignoring their formatting styles and file histories. 

In spite of all this, it is flexible:

  • to gain relevant business insights from the customized reporting feature of this tool recognizing and executing well more than 40 charting options and reporting formats too. 
  • to simplify and flexibly fasten the performances with its hierarchical profiling and remote debugging. 

3. MySQL Workbench  

The MySQL Workbench tool welcomes you with its least complicated and unified modeling visual editor interface so that managers or data architects can’t only browse but also design & create database schemas. Through this, those data architects (and the managers too) can’t only configure the servers but also view logs and do auditing without making compromises on the logical view of the entire MySQL database. Besides, these benefits are also accessible:

  • write and debug SQL statements 5X faster with this Workbench tool. And all the credit goes to its Visual SQL Editor functionality which isn’t only context-sensitive but also auto-complete.  
  • visually appealing dashboards, intuitively helping a lot of Database Admins, programmers, and developers access, SQL statement reports and feed related to the working of Network Data Engine, in an optimized way. 
  • create, efficiently and with lesser efforts, complex ER models, helping a lot of users understand how effective the relationships are among various data fields of MySQL Database. 

What else is required to convince you to download the MySQL Workbench tool capable of managing databases by changing the sequence of execution of management tasks which actually are time-consuming and not much resource-friendly? 

4. Razor SQL  

Razor SQL, a SQL tool well-organized with various schemas and functions supporting various programming languages. Those languages are PHP, Java, or Extensible Markup language. Thinking whether the efficiency of this tool can be availed for free? See, there is an option of a 30-days trial for free but to use this SQL tool on operating systems like Mac OSX, Solaris, Windows, or Linux, this is essential to purchase its licensed version so that it can be connected with various databases. 

And the names of those DBs i.e. Databases are MongoDB, Oracle, Volt DB, Informix, and many more. In addition to all of this, Razor SQL has another name in the market and that is a Syntax highlighter since it highlights well the already written codes thereby making such codes easier for its readers to read and obviously, understand. So, instead of fighting with your current database provider for connectivity and testing issues, it would be a smarter decision to equip the key functionalities of Razor SQL and get better results.

5. Adminer  

Thinking of an editor tool that isn’t only user-friendly in an extensive manner but can promisingly help the users manage databases like MongoDB, SQLite, Oracle, and at last – MySQL!! 

Hurrah… there is now no need to wait for more hours or months since Adminer is here to help developers and programmers while modifying data-related events and documents. But for this, you need to establish a strong connection of Adminer with the parent server after entering Username and password correctly at the admin page. 

After the connectivity is established well, you are free to assign rights to other connected users like boosted-up customization options, or security against those types of attacks in which cybersecurity hackers try various combinations of passwords with the only hope that any one of them matches the correct one. Besides, the license of this tool is free for commercial, non-commercial work and can do miracles when bundled with frameworks like Nette through which it is feasible for the programmers to write well the web-based applications.   

6. Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express  

Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express – is this really not taking too much time for us to complete its pronunciation!! Yes, it is but you can also call it SSMSE, always ready to offer its benefits like for free (no need to pay anything for using any of them). Now, you must be trying to think, ” What such benefits could be?”. 

Corresponding to this question, the answer for sure is:

  • pre-recorded latest tutorial sessions which will teach you how you can connect SSMSE to the main SQL server and then, accelerate your technical expertise in writing as well navigating SQL queries. 
  • business-oriented and easily installable various add-in options which customize its functionalities across multiple platforms like Windows, iOS, or Linux. 

Beyond boundaries, this fully-integrated SQL Editor tool is promoting its ability to analytically represent and interpret real-world data in larger quantities so that businesses can confidently keep this tool in their query list thereby establishing themselves properly (in terms of fame & money) in the current digital market. And happily, this is one of the reasons that why developers should learn about how they can use the SSMSE functionalities.

7. DBeaver  

DBeaver is a good open-source SQL editor tool that DBAs can choose while doing daily tasks like:

  • controlling and customizing the profiles of development teams.
  • assembling well the connections between MariaDB, MongoDB, SQLite, & MySQL databases into a shared point (i.e. interface) so that two systems may interact well.

And developers, who are always into tuning well the existing SQL queries and deploying well-written SQL patches, are now relaxed with the abbreviated and to-the-point ER Diagrams appearing in the Editor section of this efficient open-source tool. Furthermore, SQL analysts and programmers aren’t hesitant while checking out the features of this awesome tool for better and advanced-level reporting, resolving the data issues well through its (i.e. DBeaver’s) error-free data visualization techniques somewhere handling well the multiple datasets. 

What else is left to convince you for installing the customizable setup of DBeaver whose strong and simple User Interface is readily organizing the execution of queries and also, flexible with distinguished end-user navigations not ready to accept wrong-data formats – no matter what type of situation may arise.

8. SQuirrel SQL  

Thinking of a tool whose user-interface environment is interactive with all types of ANSI standard databases in a non-fussy manner? Cheers because SQuirrel SQL tool with its editable results:

  • can quickly view data (also edit it) on ANSI-compliant databases like Microsoft Access, Oracle, or Firebird. 
  • Also, it is mastered with various data-migration steps like creating a rough plan before you start your coding project or transferring various types of data piece-by-piece.

Besides, the tool supports graphing options in an auto-complete manner so that developers can easily gather relationships at one place between the charts added correspondingly to their tables. And all this can be performed with no compromises on flexibility while writing codes and productivity as well. All you should start doing now is compile multiple SQL queries on its simple and easy-to-use editing interface and generate the reports as per your requirements with organized rows and columns. 

If required, you may translate the information present in those rows/columns in languages like German, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish thereby benefitting you delivering the project information to clients for better communication and exchange of ideas.  

9. Valentina Studio  

Valentina Studio, available in not only paid but also the free version, powerfully presents a range of features that you or the DBAs may use well in real-time. Thinking about the range? Well, you better start counting with:

  • managing, writing, and accessing SQL queries in auto-completion mode, without troubling yourself with the parameters of proper syntax 
  • Valentina Forms & Reports for interacting well with data present in any of your database applications 
  • enhanced server administration for diagnosing on-time assigned or not assigned user privileges. 

Besides, this universally recognized database management tool is confident with reverse engineering diagramming through its diagram editor option that can be used well to design visually engaging reports. And good news comes – preview those reports in Valentina Studio before exporting or printing any of them!! Such an ability will help a lot of data analysts as now, they are assured that if any errors occur at times of reporting, then they will be rectified before the reports are printed in the final formats.

10. dbForge Studio

dbForge Studio, packed with the capabilities of administration, management, and development of robust databases such as MySQL, Oracle Express, and MariaDB, is professional at times you analyze the data stored hierarchically in tables. Furthermore, more than 30K users have trust in its performance capabilities varying from customizing the import and export options to conveniently writing the code snippets with appropriate formatting. 

Curious to know whether this tool is intelligent enough to perform tasks related to complicated databases? Without any doubt, DBAs and SQL developers can proceed further with generating meaningful data or synchronizing schemas somewhere speeding up database experience at any level. Hence, developers or DBAs need not worry about logically organizing their database projects because dbForge Studio, with its ability to organize the collection of SQL scripts and files in both online and offline modes, compares the upcoming or current projects with a database and then, deploy the script-related changes essential for organizing the projects. 

Last Updated : 17 Dec, 2021
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