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Python MySQL – Where Clause

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Where clause is used in MySQL database to filter the data as per the condition required. You can fetch, delete or update a particular set of data in MySQL database by using where clause.

SELECT column1, column2, …. columnN FROM [TABLE NAME] WHERE [CONDITION]; 

The above syntax is used for displaying a certain set of data following the condition.
Example: Consider the following database named college and having a table name as a student.
Schema of the database:





Where Clause In Python

Steps to use where clause in Python is: 

  1. First form a connection between MySQL and Python program. It is done by importing mysql.connector package and using mysql.connector.connect() method, for passing the user name, password, host (optional default: localhost) and, database (optional) as parameters to it.
  2. Now, create a cursor object on the connection object created above by using cursor() method. A database cursor is a control structure that enables traversal over the records in a database.
  3. Then, execute the where clause statement by passing it through execute() method.



import mysql.connector
#Establishing connection
conn = mysql.connector.connect(user='your_username',
                               password ='your_password',
# Creating a cursor object using
# the cursor() method
mycursor = conn.cursor();
# SQL Query
sql = "select * from Student where Roll_no >= 3;"
# Executing query
myresult = mycursor.fetchall()
for x in myresult:
# Closing the connection




Last Updated : 23 Jan, 2022
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