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ZoomRx Interview Experience (On-Campus 2020)
  • Last Updated : 07 Nov, 2020

First Round: The test was on an online test with 3 Sections.

  1. 10MCQ on OS, DS, OOPS. (All were medium level).
  2. 5MCQ on Basic Aptitude.
  3. 2Coding questions (1 is an easy question, 1 is a hard question).

Who did the hard question were selected for the second round which was the interview round?

Second Round: 3 coding questions were given

  1. Largest Sum Contiguous Subarray
  2. Longest Palindromic Substring
  3. Find the length of largest subarray with 0 sum

 And after these coding questions, I was asked theory questions on OS, DBMS, OOPS. 

Third Round: This is a normal HR Round. (I wasn’t selected for this round but my friends said it was a simple round, and they said it felt more like talking to a colleague rather than an HR.)

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