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L&T Infotech Interview Experience | On-Campus 2020 (Virtual)

  • Last Updated : 07 Nov, 2020

L&T Infotech visited our campus in the second week of October 2020, there were three rounds

Round 1: Computer Based Online Recruitment Test (2 hours)

  • MCQ Questions were from Aptitude, Verbal, Logical and two coding questions

Round 2: Technical and Managerial Round (20 minutes)

  • He started with “Tell Me About Yourself” then Project-related non-technical questions like what was team size, my role, how I manage the project, tool and technologies used. Then he asked the difference between Method overloading, overriding and method hiding.
  • Then why L&T infotech, here I answered, what I have learnt from the project is matched with the job description. And I would like to learn more while doing work.

Round 3:HR (30 minutes) He asked situation based questions, the question was “suppose you have a new idea  and  implementation would improve project efficiency and correctness but your Team leader and team are  not convinced with idea, in that case, how would you convince your team” 

He asked me to explain briefly about my academics from high school to with percentage and passing year.

Since I have three gaps between and, so all the remaining questions were on gap only. He asked me to justify gap briefly I explained like what I had learnt in these years then when I decided for Masters. Trust me if you are giving an honest answer wisely, you can handle rapidly fired questions on your explanation. Otherwise, HR person can easily be caught your lie.

There was some question on my explanations like what motivated me for Master degree, what you have learnt from your gap.

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