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Zomato Interview Experience for SDE

Last Updated : 07 Aug, 2023
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There were two rounds for the internship process in total, first one was an Online Assessment and second one was a Technical Interview.

Round 1 (Online Assessment) :

There were two questions both were of easy-medium level. Both questions are based on prime numbers. First one was easily solved using sieve and second one was based on gcd and coprime numbers. I have completed first one and was able to pass about 70 percent of the test cases in second due to time constraint. About 12 students were shortlisted for the interview round.

Round 2 (Technical Interview) :

The interview was of about 30 mins and started with the introduction of interviewer as well as mine. Then the interviewer directly jumped into dsa problems and shared a google doc with me. I don’t have to write the whole code just have to discussed the approach and pseudocode.

The first question included the use of random function and I was able to solve that after some discussions and one hint. The second question was a simple one so he just asked me which data structure i would use in this. It was very straightforward priority queue question. When I told him it can be solved using min heap, he started to ask some questions on the internal structure of min heap.

Then the next question was the implementation of binary search trees, insertion and deletion function in BSTs. It was a straightforward question if you implemented them before but I messed up the deletion function. Then we moved to my projects and he asked me some simple questions about tech stacks i have used.

After that he asked me to choose between DSA and Development to which I chose DSA but he didn’t ask any questions then. He then asked me about the four features of OOPS, difference between encapsulation and abstraction and what is normalisation and denormalisation.

At last he asked for q question for him and interview ended.

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