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Zoho Interview Experience | Set 32 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 24 Jul, 2019
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Round 1:

Zoho CRM team visited for on-campus.There were questions based on c apps (15), general apps (10).Test for about 1 and half hrs.

Round 2: 

Those who have shortlisted from first round have second round coding in PC.not online coding.

1. Print longest sequence between same character

Ex I/p abcccccbba

O/p 8 (from a to a)

I/p aaaaaaaa

O/p 6

2.sort the array odd numbers in ascending and even numbers in descending.
I/p 5 8 11 6 2 1 7

O/p 1 5 7 11 8 6 2

3. It’s about anagram.i/p was array of strings .and a word was given to find whether it has anagram in given array.

I/p catch, got, tiger, mat, eat, Pat, tap, tea

Word: ate

O/p eat, tea

4.array of numbers were given to find a number which has same sum of numbers in it’s either side.

I/p 1, 2, 3, 7, 6

O/p 7(has 1+ 2+3 in left 6 in right)

Round 3:

Those who have solved 4 or above problems has shortlisted for 3rd round.It was a gaming round.

Size of the array is given were w is wall, g ground, o ball, numbers are bricks.

I/p size 7

Number of bricks 6

Position (2, 2)(2, 3)(2, 4)(3, 2)(3, 3)(3, 4)


w w w w w w w

w                       w

w       1  1  1     w

w       1  1  1     w

w                       w

w                       w

w  g  g   o  g  g  w

There are three commands St, lt, rt straight, left, right respectively.

If it is st the ball moves straight .if there any brick(1) along the way it hit it .then brick disappear.ball back to original position.if there is no brick .it come to initial position.

I/p st


w w w w w w w

w                       w

w       1  1  1     w

w       1      1     w

w                       w

w                       w

w  g  g   o  g  g  w

Ball count:5

I/p lt


w w w w w w w

w                       w

w       1  1  1     w

w                1     w

w                       w

w                       w

w  g  o  g   g  g  w

Ball count:4

(Lt : ball moves diagonally left there is no bricK on the way so it hit the wall reflect back horizontally there is a brick(3, 2) after hitting it it moves downwards ball position changed.hence ball count get reduced. On moving downwards is there any brick that also disappear.)

Same for rt but moves diagonally right.

This is first module.In second module each brick has value for each hit value get disappear only when it become zero.

There are about 7 modules.

Those who have clear at least first module.selected for fourth round.

Round 4:

Technical HR

Only logic was asked for some programming question. And some puzzles question.

Round 5:

General HR

  • who have cleared 4th round are almost in.


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