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Zoho Interview Experience | Set 29 (Off-Campus for Software Developer)

Last Updated : 23 Jul, 2019
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Round 1:

First round was technical aptitude with 40 questions – 20 programs and 20 flow charts (Time : 2hrs).

I was shortlisted for the second round and got a mail.

Round 2:

Second round was programming round . It was an offline programming round for the entire day. We get the next program only if we finish one. They had their own test cases. We can code the programs in C, C++ or Java.

They had programs related to :

  1. prime number – print n prime numbers
  2. prime factor – sort the array based on the minimum factor they have.
  3. adding a digit to all the digits of a number eg digit=4, number = 2875, o/p= 612119
  4. form the largest possible number using the array of numbers.
  5. lexicographic sorting.
  6. given a set of numbers, and a digit in each iteration, if the digit exists in any of  the numbers, remove its occurrences and ask for the next digit till the list becomes empty.
  7. Check if a number ‘a’ is present in another number ‘b.

I forgot the other 4.

Complexity is not an issue.

As soon as I finished 11 programs, they told me to come the next day for third round.

Round 3:

It was again a whole day of coding . This time all the  questions were based on matrix. I got 6 programs, again you get the next program after you complete the current program. All the programs were just an addition to the previous one.  Here the concepts to be strong about were logic for diagonals ( all the four, top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right), finding the path in a matrix from source to destination.

Make sure that the design of your code is good so that iterative additions become easy.

After this on the same day, i was called for Technical HR interview.


Round 4:

The HR team was really good. They make you feel comfortable.

The HR asked me some puzzles related stuff and one algorithmic question. He wanted to see how i could optimize the complexity.

Then i was told to wait and again was called for the next Technical HR immediately.

Round 5:

Here i was told to print a pattern, puzzles, and some questions about myself were asked .

Then i was called again by another Technical HR.

Round 6:

Here i was asked about data structures . I was told to implement a binary search tree in C.

After this I was told that if i am selected,   I will get a call for the HR round .

I got call the next day and was called at the office for HR.

Round 7:

The HR was very cool and he wanted me to be comfortable . He asked me questions from the resume and i was told that i would receive a mail if i get selected.


Hoping for the best.

Thanks to geeksforgeeks!! <3

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