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Zoho Interview Experience | Set 30 (Off-Campus for Software developer)

Last Updated : 23 Jul, 2019
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Round 1:
Pen and paper round having 40 technical questions including flowcharts and output prediction for C Programs with no choices. No negative marking and I’ve attended only around 30 questions.

Round 2:

I was called for round 2 after some days. It’s a full day coding round. I was given a paper having the problem,test cases and i need to implement them in c. Questions were given one after another after i implement each problem. After solving each problem they tried all possible test cases. For me all the questions were from linked list counting around 14 at the end of the day.some of them are,

Finding middle element, Sorted insert, reversing LL, merging 2 LLs in sorted, removing duplicate elements and so on.

All of the above should be optimized in terms of time complexity because they will also check the logic behind our code.

Round 3:

I was asked to come to next round on the end of round 2 itself. Yet another full day of coding. In this round i need to implement a game in C, that’s well known as ‘Tetris blocks’. It involves full of matrix operations. I completed nearly around 75% of the game. After this I was asked to implement the Binary Search tree-insert,search,delete.

Technical interviews:

While implementing the 3rd round game, i was called for 2 technical interviews. I was asked to write algorithms and also some technical questions,puzzles were asked. some of them are,

Separate 0s and 1s in single array traversal
Finding the largest palindromic sub word in a given word
Finding height of a binary tree
Java oops concepts including abstract classes,interfaces,inheritance
tree/graph traversals
How arrays are working at system level in c
Puzzles on probability, number digits

HR round:
After one week, i was called to their office for the general HR round. I received my offer after one week and now I am doing my internship at Zoho.

Thanks to GeeksForGeeks , where i found it very useful for my placement preparation.

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