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Zoho Interview Experience | Set 12 (On-Campus)

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Recently ZOHO visited our campus for recruitment and i would like to share my experience.
Thanks to geeksforgeeks which contributed to most of my preparations..

Round 1 : TIME : 2hrs

I was expecting an aptitude written round .But they gave us 30 flowchart and asked us to go through each flowchart and the questions were based on the flowchart..Questions included finding the o/p of the flowchart , find the missing statement which when added produces the given o/p..If you concentrate and go through the flowchart it should be easy to crack the first round..

Round 2: TIME : 3hrs
They shortlisted 150 candidates from the first round..This was a programming round and consisted of straightforward questions..

1.Given two numbers a and b both < 200 we have to find the square numbers which lie between a and b(inclusive)

eg) i/p a = 20;b = 100;
      o/p 25,36,49,64,81,100 

2.Alternately sort an unsorted array..

eg) i/p {5,2,8,7,4,3,9}
      o/p {9,2,8,3,7,4,5}

3. Given an array and a threshold value find the o/p

eg) i/p {5,8,10,13,6,2};threshold = 3;
      o/p  count = 17
Number	parts	            counts
5	            {3,2}                 2
8                      {3,3,2}              3
10                    {3,3,3,1}           4
13                    {3,3,3,3,1}        5
6                      {3,3}                 2
2                      {2}                    1 

4.a. Given two binary numbers add the two numbers in binary form without converting them to decimal value.

eg) a = 1010 b = 11001
      o/p  100011	            
  b.The two numbers were given in base n 
	eg) a = 123  b = 13  n = 4
	      o/p  202

5.Write a program to print the below pattern

for n = 6
	1	7	12	16	19	21
	2	8	13	17	20
3	9	14	18	
4	10	15
5	11	

6.Given bigger NxN matrix and a smaller MxM matrix print TRUE if the smaller matrix can be found in the bigger matrix else print FALSE

7.Given two matrices a and b both of size NxN find if matrix a can be transformed to matrix b by rotating it 90deg , 180deg , 270deg if so print TRUE else print FALSE

8 In addition to the above question you have to check if matrix a can be transformed by mirroring vertically or horizontally to matrix b.

I solved 7 questions .. Those who solved more than 5 were selected for the next round.

Round 3 : TIME : 3hrs

About 50 – 60 were shortlisted .. This round was also a programming round..
Questions were based of matrix transformation.Each question was an extension of the previous question in some way..There were 5 questions .. I solved only 2 🙁 But got selected for the next round , I think it was based on my performance on all previous rounds..

Round 4:

We had both HR and technical HR.
In technical HR if they found out that a candidate was not sure on some topic the candidate was asked questions on that topic for the rest of the round even after the candidate said he does not know that concept . In my case it was DBMS 🙁 The round also consisted of 3 puzzles ..they were easy to solve , i solved all of them..

In HR round we had a friendly chat ..They didn’t want candidates who were willing to quit the job after a few years and go for higher studies( obviously )..I was asked about my family and my hobbies..

After round 4 we had to wait for almost 5 hrs before the results were announced..There were 2 packages x and x+y.. I was offered the x package mostly because i didn’t do round 3 well but they said that if we prove ourselves during the internship they would change the package to x+y so looking forward to that 😉

Overall it was a good experience and i really appreciate ZOHO team for the amount of effort they invested in the interview process each round was both challenging and enjoyable in its own way 🙂
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Last Updated : 05 Jul, 2016
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