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Zoho Interview Experience | Off Campus for Software Developer Role

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Hi all, I’m here to share my Zoho interview experience. Firstly, it was a pool drive and I applied through my college(Sathyabama University) and the first round was on october 5, 2019. 

First Round (Pen and Paper test on Aptitude and C programming) : The test was an offline test. They gave us a question paper which consisted of 10 aptitude questions and 10 c programming objective questions and they gave an answer sheet where we need to write the answers for given questions. Aptitude questions were very easy and the questions don’t really test your accuracy or speed. They test our logic and they were quite logical and the c programming questions were like write the output of the given code snippet and the questions were from functions, looping, recursion, pointers, etc… I had a hope that I would clear the first round and as expected I received a mail from Zoho to attend the programming round and I got the mail on october 22, 2019 and the programming round was on october 31, 2019. 

Second Round (Basic coding round to be in C/ C++/ Java) : The round was conducted on their local systems and we can download an IDE of our own choice but the coding is restricted to C/ C++/ Java. This round consisted of 5 coding questions and duration is 3 hours. Invigilators were good and cleared doubts if any. 

1.Maximum Sum Sub Array problem with slight modification(modification to Kadane’s Algorithm – Dynamic Programming) 

2.ATM system question where we have to withdraw cash and we need to update the available cash in ATM 

3.WildCard pattern matching question (Dynamic Programming) 

4.Some simple question which is related to number crunching 

5.Find the word in 2D grid of letters 

Those who have solved atleast 3 problems were shortlisted for the next round and 6 were shortlisted and I’m one among them. 

Third Round(Advanced coding round to be done in C/ C++/ Java) : This happened the same day after lunch. This round consisted of one question and duration was 3 hours. The question was about Railway Reservation System which consisted of two things which are booking and cancellation and there were many constraints which you need to study very carefully.  The question was a bit tough to explain as it is very length and composed of many constraints. But as it was tough none of us were able to complete the question in the given time and we were asked to leave and none of us cleared the round. 

I was very much disappointed as I couldn’t solve the question, but I was a bit satisfied that I have tried my best. Guess what I got one more mail from Zoho after 5 days on November 4, 2019. I was asked to undergo Incubation in Zoho for performance check and it started on November 6, 2019 and I was put in a team known as Manage Engine Mobile which is a mobile application development team and I was asked to learn Kotlin and I’ve been assigned to a mentor. Mentor was very much helpful and the team was very good and I was learning there nearly a month. After  that a technical interview was conducted by the manager of the same team and he checked what I’ve learned during incubation and then a formal HR interview was conducted and finally by god’s grace I was given the offer for the role of android developer. They checked only whether I was open to learning or not during incubation. 

Zoho Corporation is a leading product based company which is serving as an operating system for business and it has a wide variety of products which are competing with google in the market. I would suggest you all to learn C programming in depth and know the OOPS concepts in C++ and then go for learning Data Structures and algorithms and all you need to do is bloody coding. GeeksforGeeks helped me a lot for learning variety of things related to programming and it is an ocean for learning technical things and thanks to Interview Preparation course by Ravindra Babu Ravula which helped me a lot for learning programming, data structures and algorithms. 

Thank you geeksforgeeks 


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Last Updated : 24 Jun, 2021
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