WM Global Technology Services India Interview Experience

Through naukri my profile got selected. And got a call for in person interview.There was all total 4 round.3 technical and one managerial.

Round 1:technical.

1.Wap to design a parseInt() function in java and find it’s time complexity.

2.write a pseudo code to find last 3rd element of a linked list.

Round 2:technical

1. Swap two stacks.

2.Check a linked list is palindrome or not?

Round 3: Design Interview.

Your approach to design an application like bookMyshow. If you want to explain this the following points you have to cover

i.Different functional  modules(what are different modules like login, registration, booking etc)
ii.load/scalability/storage/cache etc.
iii.exposing web service.
iv. technology.

I didn’t got a call for next round.





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