Etech Global Services Interview Experience

Round 1: This round purely test your knowledge regarding web technologies, you will be asked about various commands in HTML, CSS, Jquery etc. Question level was medium.If you are aware of web designing, it not a hard nut to crack. I was confident for this round and was selected for the second .

Round 2: Group Discussion: About 80-90 people were selected for this round, we were asked to sit with group of 20 each. For each group, the topics were different. I can remember 2-3 topics.

  1. Students are losing interest in Engineering, because of  inefficient  government. (Support-Against) 2. People now a days, are moving for private jobs rather than govt., because of inefficient govt. 3. Women Empowerment and feminism are related.     My topic was 1st one, i got selected for next round.

Round 3: This was telephonic round, they tried to make me comfortable first for the round. Asked about why i need this job, my expectations from this company, my academics, two puzzles that were not so hard to crack.

I was selected for the further round, but since i was not interested in the job profile and it was purely for my experience purpose. I didn’t attended 4th round.

4th Round: Interview

5th Round: HR

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