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Wipro NLTH Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 22 Nov, 2021

Before the interview, it is mandatory to clear their test which consists of Logical reasoning, verbal, analytical, technical MCQs questions followed by a coding round with two questions and essay writing

Coding questions asked were:

  1. k’th largest element in array
  2. a simple if else based question

Interview Experience:

  • Have you been vaccinated?
  • How was you experience in lockdown due to pandemic?
  • What is bubble sort ?Time complexity of bubble sort?
  • Are you a good decision taker?
  • Are you are challenge taker? give example.
  • Gave me a choice to  select to answer a  interesting question that almost all  Interviewee have failed to answer yet and that question would decide result of the interview or continue with normal interview process(i chose the question)
  • Gave me 20 sec to rethink my decision and justify why i  made this decision?
  • Gave me a situation based  question i.e what if my friend tampers a system and at the same time a client of wipro enters and starts yelling about everything what would you do as a fresher ?

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