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Wipro NLTH Interview Experience | Off-Campus 2022

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 04 Feb, 2022
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Hello Everyone , Many of the students are preparing of off campus interview . I am sharing my interview experience to the recruitment of wipro. I am a final year student of Tier 3 College. I am recently given wipro interview.

Wipro NLTH 2022  to hire fresher for role of project Engineer .

I have applied through join superset in the last date 15-Sept-2022 and test was conducted on 27-Sep-2022 . 

Wipro NLTH 2022 was mainly consist of two round. 

  1. Online Test (Aptitude + Coding + Essay Writing)
  2. Business Discussion Round (HR + TR)

Round 1 :  Online Test (Conducted on AMCAT platform) Date : 27/sept/2022)

Online Test should be conducted serial wise . We can not change answer if we saved and click to next question . We have not right to change topic. At a time , we have to finish complete portion of a section then we move to next part . The total time of test is 128 minute . Time would be given as a section . 

Topics No. of QuestionsTime
Verbal Question1414 minute
Quantitative Aptitude1616 minute
Reasoning18 18 minute
Coding Question260 minute
Essay Writing120 minute

Coding Question : Coding question level are easy to moderate level.

Question 1 : We have to take input as a string from user and return every character changeCase of String. If the first character of string is lowercase then change to uppercase and the first character of string is uppercase then convert that character into lowercase this process is until end of string. 

  • Sample Test Case 1 : heaDphOnes 
  • Sample Output 1    : HEAdPHoNES
  • Sample Test Case 2 : GeekSfORGeeks
  • Sample Output 2 : gEEKsForgEEKS 

Question 2 :  We have to calculate the sum of an array as a given range 

Sample Input 1 : 
8 3 6
12 34 45 8 12 6 7 14
Sample Output 1 :

Explanation: Here 8 is the size of array 3 and 6 is the left and right postion of array .  3rd position is 45 and 6th position is 6. and sum between 45 and 6 is 71

45+8+12+6 = 71

After Online test is completed on 27/sept/2022 and I get received a mail from wipro in 11/Oct/2022  you are shortlisted for the next round with wipro.

Round 2  : Business Discussion Round (Technical Round + HR Round) :

This is basically an interview round which is know to about the technical skills of the candidate so, the question asked from the interviewer side is 

  1. How are you ?
  2. Tell me something about yourself?
  3. Tell me something about your project ?
  4. Is java secure ? and why ?
  5. Why java is platform independent ?
  6. How Byte Code Works ?
  7. Tell me something about your tech stack ?
  8. What is JIT compiler in java?
  9. What is the difference between == or equalsto();
  10. What is OOPs Concept?
  11. Why java doesn’t follow 100% oops concept ? Tell me in details? 
  12. What is constructor overloading?
  13. What is difference between class and object ? 
  14. What is Encapsulation in java?
  15. Are you comfortable for relocation ?
  16. Are you comfortable for signing a bond with wipro?
  17. Any Academic Gap?
  18. Any Backlog?
  19. Any Question ? 

Interview length is around 20 to 25 minute.

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