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Which is easier GRE or GMAT and what are differences ?

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You might wonder what to attempt GRE or GMAT or Both, which is better from an MBA perspective or other programs. The most individual holds notion to choose GMAT if you wish to go for business school and if you are still confused with program to go for GRE, however, this is partially true. Choosing between two takes some more effort. The following article compares both tests on different parameters, to ease choice and decide correct for yourself.

Should I attempt GRE or GMAT?
The first important move in this regard is to research about admission policies of your favorite business school, whether they prefer GMAT over GRE or they accept both. For clearer vision attempt free GRE and GMAT diagnostic test online. The practice test helps better analyze your strong and shaky areas. Once you are firm with your choice comprehend last 5-year GMAT score of your favorite business school and plan accordingly.

Another thing worth noting is to decide regarding the program you wish to take admission in, plethora of programs like literature, physics, and engineering require GRE score. Only the schools running Business programs accept GMAT scores.

Below is table of difference between GRE and GMAT :

Test is designed to test Analytical Writing, Verbal Reasoning, and Quantitative Reasoning of candidate Test is designed to test Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing, Quantitative, and Verbal skills of candidate.
Students struggling with variation of Vocabulary and style, verbal section of GRE may prove to be strenuous. Sentence Equivalence and Text accomplishment questions are more sorts of word usage testing. Students with strong foundation of quantitative and analytical skills along with a strong command in interpreting data in form of tables, text, and charts to solve complex problems tend to go for it. The Sentence Correction section consists of grammar science easy for candidates with logical minds to find grammatical errors.
Examination is offered as computer adaptive and Paper version in the regions where computer-based tests are not possible. Sub-section includes Comprehension Reading, Completion of Text, and Sentence equivalence, rated on the scale of 130 – 170.GRE involves 2 verbal sections with 20 questions in each section. Examination is purely computer adaptive. Comprehension Reading, Critical reasoning, Sentence correction comprises of its subsection.
Test costs around $205 Test costs around $250.
Scoring scheme is ranged on a scale of 130 to 170 for Verbal and Quantitative in 1-point increment GMAT score ranges from 200 to 800 overall in 10 points increment
Test can be used as gateway to most graduate schools and some business schools Test serves as gateway to most of the business schools.
Test lasts for 3 hours 7 minutes (including short breaks). 30 minutes are offered for completing each section.  Test lasts for 3.5 hours (including short breaks) GMAT consists of only one verbal with 36 questions in it, 65 minutes are allotted for completion of test.

Other aspect of GMAT :
A large number of companies prefer candidates with an envious GMAT score. Therefore, a good score not only helps a candidate to secure his dream business school but a job or internship too.

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Last Updated : 23 Sep, 2020
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