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What is Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)?

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Artificial Intelligence has emerged out to be one of the most popular terms of computer science in recent times. This article discusses one of the classifications of Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI).

So, What is Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) ?

Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) is the hypothetical AI, i.e. we have not been able to achieve it but we know what will happen if we achieve it. So basically it is the imaginary AI which not only interprets or understands human-behavior and intelligence, but ASI is where machines will become self-aware/self vigilant enough to surpass the capacity of human intelligence and behavioral ability.

With Superintelligence, machines can think of the possible abstractions/interpretations which are simply impossible for humans to think. This is because the human brain has a limit to the thinking ability which is constrained to some billion neurons.

Super intelligence has long been the muse around the dystopian science fiction which showed how robots overrun, overpower or enslave humanity. In addition to the replication of multi-faceted human behavioral intelligence, the concept of artificial superintelligence focuses on the perspective of not just being able to understand/interpret human emotions and experiences, but instead, it must also evoke emotional understanding, beliefs and desires of its own, based on it’s understanding functionality.

ASI would be exceedingly far-far better at everything or whatever we do, whether it be in maths, science, arts, sports, medicine, marketing strategies, hobbies, emotional relationship, or applying a precise human intellect to a particular problem. ASI would have a greater memory with a faster ability to process and analyze situations, data, and stimuli actions. Due to this fact, we can rest assured that the decision-making and problem-solving capabilities of super-intelligent beings/machines would be far superior and precise as compared to those of human beings. 
The The possibility and potential of having such powerful machines at our disposal may seem appealing, but this concept itself is a fold of unknown consequences. What impact it will have on humanity, our survival, our existence is just a myth or pure speculation.

Engineers and scientists are still trying to achieve full artificial intelligence, where computers can be considered to have the apt cognitive capacity as that of a human. Although there have been surprising developments like IBM’s Watson supercomputer and Siri, still the computers have not been able to fully simulate and achieve the breadth and diversity of cognitive abilities that a normal adult human can easily do. However, despite the achievements, there is a lot of theories that predict artificial superintelligence coming sooner than later. With the emerging accomplishments, experts say that full artificial intelligence could manifest within a couple of years, and artificial super intelligence could exist in the 21st century possibly.

In the book Superintelligence, Nick Bostrom describes the initials with “The Unfinished Fable of Sparrows”. The idea was basically that some sparrows wanted to control an owl as a pet. The idea seemed awesome to all except one of the skeptical sparrows who raised her concern as to how they can control an owl. This concern was dismissed for the time being in a “we’ll deal with that problem when it’s a problem” matter. Elon Musk has similar concerns regarding the super-intelligent beings and considers that humans are the sparrows in Bostrom’s metaphor and the owl is the future ASI. As it was in the case of sparrows, the “control problem” is seemingly concerning because we might only get one chance to solve it if a problem arises.

When considering how AI might become a risk, two key scenarios have been concluded to occur most likely :

The danger is in the fact of “whatever it takes” to complete a given task. Superintelligent AI would be at utmost efficiency to achieve a given goal, whatever it may be, but we’ll have to ensure that the goal completion is done in correspondence to all the needed rules to be followed to maintain some level of control.

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Last Updated : 02 Jul, 2020
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