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What is a Computer Software?

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Computer Software or solely Software is nothing but just a assembly of instructions to the computer to get some work as an output. 

While on the other hand talking about hardware which acts as the building block of computer in the physical sense. Now what constitutes the Computer Software? Computer software is the incorporation of Computer Programs, libraries and other data, in particular online documentation or digital media. Hardware and Software work in contrast with each other and cannot be imagined to work on its own. 


Figure – Steps to develop a software 

Mostly software are written in high level programming language or languages which are closer to human languages; high level languages are converted to machine understandable language via a compiler or an interpreter. 

Computer Software may also be written in low-level language using an assembler. The blueprint and implementation of computer software’s varies depending upon the convolution of the software and its utilization and purpose. 

Data structures like arrays, binary trees, hash tables, algorithms such as Quicksort prove to be very efficient for creating software. A large portion of the profitable industries in the world comprises of Software Industries. On the basis of the domain of use, software can be divided into Application Software and Malware or Malicious Software.

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Last Updated : 31 Jan, 2022
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