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WD-SanDisk Internship Experience

  • Last Updated : 06 Sep, 2019

Round 1:Online Round

It consisted of MCQ problems from C, C++, Analog and Digital Electronics, Capacitance and basic aptitude. There were 10 aptitude questions and they were simple. The remaining questions had a good level and required you to have good command over various concepts in OOPs. 13 students were shortlisted.

Round 2:Telephonic Technical Interview

A day was set for the round and it lasted for about 40 mins. The interviewer asked questions related to my projects and the various skills that I had mentioned. Subjects like OOPs, DBMS, OS were asked. There were a few questions from some core electronics subjects too but being a CSE student, I clearly replied that I didnt know about them.

After a few days, the results were announced and 12 of us got an internship offer.


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