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Sandisk Corporation Interview | Set 5 (2+ years of Experience)

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The interview started off with a small introduction to myself, about what I currently do in my job and what are my areas of interest. There were three rounds. Following are the details asked in each round.

Round 1:

1.write a program to count the number of set bits in a given number.

2.Write the merge sort algorithm

3.Write a program to represent a number in its binary form.

4.Write the algorithm to do perform search in a linked list.

5.Difference between c and c++ programming

6.what is multi threaded programming?

7.what is inheritance give and example.

Round 2:

1.Define static variables

2.Define global variables

3.Explain about more projects worked on

Round 3:

1.What does malloc function return

2.Allocate memory for a 2D array using malloc

3.Count the number of occurrences of a substring in the given string without using any built in functions such as strtok or find etc

4.What is a dll, how do you build one

5.Differences between system call and library calls


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Last Updated : 18 Dec, 2017
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