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WD (SanDisk) Interview Experience | Set 7

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Round 1:   Bitwise operations : Number of times 1 occurs in a number Bitwise : Is number power of 2 ARM : Diff FIQ and IRQ ARM : What are the steps when an interrupt occurs Storage classes in C Where do the variables go when called in function Bubble sort, selection sort u- boot -> Kernel boot process Round 2: Write a program to get the optimized maximum profit, given data of previous day market Write a program to print diagonals in every cell of 2D array Round 3: How to avoid structure padding in C? Write a LL program  given the node:
Node {
  char *Buf [X];
  Node * next;
The input packets may have varying length of buff, utilize the space in previous Node if available.

Last Updated : 27 Mar, 2018
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