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VMWare interview experience for App. Dev/MTS (On-campus Aug. 2018)

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VMWare visited our campus to recruit freshers to offer 6 months internship + full time employment for the positions of Application Developer / Member of Technical Staff. The whole process consisted of 5 OR 6 rounds, 1 online test and 3 rounds of interviews. The eligibility criteria was CSE/IT with a minimum GPA criteria of 7.0/10.

    1. Online Test
      This round consisted of 50 MCQs 25 of technical aptitude and 25 of general aptitude and 1 coding question. The MCQs were of moderate difficulty but the coding question was a bit ambiguous. The coding question stated that given an array of people with their strengths who are playing tug of war, we had to remove players such that the 2 teams consisted of equal number of pairs with equal sum of strengths. In the end, it was required to find the longest even length sub-array such that the sum of both halves is same. A simple brute force solution passed.
    2. Design Round
      Around 45 students were shortlisted for this round. The students were divided in 2 groups. One group was given to design a student manager portal for college students. The other group was given to design a cafeteria order handling system. E-R diagrams, class diagrams, UML diagrams, some algorithms(if required) were to be written on paper.
    3. Intermediate round
      15 students were directly shortlisted for interviews in the last round. 10 students were given a chance to explain their designs to the interviewers. I was in the set selected for direct interviews. Out of 10, 5 students were shortlisted for interviews.
    4. Technical Interview
      This round lasted for about 30 min. The interviewers(two) were a bit rude. They asked me to write some JS code. I came up with some approach. Then they asked me some questions related to threads. They then asked me Git, because it was mentioned in my resume. They asked me some commands and after each command they asked me whether the repository had been uploaded to a git server such as GitHub. The round went badly and didn’t expect to be called for further rounds.
    5. Technical Interview
      I got called for 2nd round of interview. The interviewers were helpful in comparison to the ones in previous round. They asked me questions related to regular expressions, database schema designs. We discussed a bit about projects. I was again asked questions related to Git, I again wrote the same commands as I wrote in the previous round. The round went well.
    6. Technical+HR round
      The interviewer in this round was a senior member in the team. He asked me questions related to database designs. Then we discussed a lot related to projects, he asked me how I could improve the projects now given I have more experience now. He then asked me why VMware and then asked if I had questions. I asked what all technologies VMware is working on and whether they are working in the field of AI.

Finally 3 students were offered internship + FTE. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of them.

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Last Updated : 16 Sep, 2018
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