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VMware Interview Experience for Intern+MTS | Off-Campus 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 26 Nov, 2021
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Online Test: Hackerrank Coding test of 60 mins with 2 coding questions.

Technical Round 1 (60 mins): Questions on resume like previous experience and projects.

  • Questions on OS about process, zombie process, orphan process, threads, memory, linux bash commands, etc.
  • Questions on Computer Networks about DNS, Private and Public IP, How is IP assigned to a device by router?, If you connect two PC using ethernet cable then how is IP assigned?
  • How is vector implemented internally such that it has constant access time and dynamic allocation?
  • Code your own vector class with push_back and shrink_to_fit functions. (Had to be solved using calloc and realloc)

Technical Round 2 (60 mins): Some questions on resume and past experience.

  • Asked what is BST and how would you check if the given binary tree is a BST (did not ask to write code).
  • Given a binary tree you have to make a mirror image of the binary tree ( but without using recursion. (Had to be solved using stack.)
  • Write a function to print level order traversal of binary tree.
  • Implement your own sizeof() function which gives size of data types like int, float, char, etc.
  • Swap two integers without using any built-in function, temporary variable or arithmetic operator. (Had to be solved using XOR)
  • Questions on OS about thrashing, what is fastest memory in computer, how is data fetched from RAM to register, etc.
  • Questions on Computer Networks like DHCP, what happens when you enter a url in a browser, etc.

Manager Round (40 mins): Questions on resume and past experience.

  • Asked to code to find the length of the longest increasing contiguous sequence.
  • Implement stack using queue.
  • Questions on OS about what is memory leak?, What is memory segmentation?
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