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VMware Interview Experience for MTS -1 | Off-Campus 2021

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VMware Interview Experience for MTS-1 with 1yr exp

  • Year Of Exp: 1 yr
  • Previous Company: Product based Startup
  • Profile: Software Engineer
  • Apply Mode: Referal from LinkedIn
  • Date of offer: September 2021

Round 1 ( Technical Interview – 1):

  1. Start with telling me about yourself and the interviewer introduction  
  2. Complete a method where we need to make an API call to which response returns a list of  objects and then from that object extract a parameter and sort them and return a list of sorted string
  3. Internal details question on java based on wrapper classes, collections, primitive datatype, and oops principle
  4. Few questions on angular 2+

P.S.: My tech stack is java + angular 2+ and this round is to check my development knowledge.

Round 2 ( Technical Interview – 2 ):

  • Again Start with my and interviewer introduction
  • Asked on what all things I have worked on.
  • Write bubble sort algorithm and discuss space and time complexity
  • Detect loop in LinkedList
  • Follow up remove loop on LinkedList, discussion on space and time complexity

Solution: slow and fast pointer approach

Round 3 ( Hiring Manager Round ):

  1. Start with a detailed introduction about team and work  
  2. Then detailed discussion about my hobby, work, interest, achievements etc.
  3. Behavioural questions based on different scenarios
  4. How you handle conflict with team
  5. How you handle conflict with the manager
  6. What if you have given old tech stack how will you take it
  7. What will you do, if for a given task you will find that a proper solution but that will take time and deadline is near

All three interviews happened on the same day

Verdict:  Within a week I got a call that I have cleared.

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Last Updated : 10 Nov, 2021
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