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VMware Interview Experience for MTS (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 21 Sep, 2021
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VMware Interview Experience for MTS (Member of Technical Staff)

  • Eligibility : CS/EE/ECE, CGPA 7 and above.
  • Online Test: On the HirePro platform
  • MCQs +1 coding question.
  • 107 minutes(Sectional Timing for each section)
  • Technical MCQs (Difficult) and 10 Aptitude MCQs.
  • Coding question – Easy level, implementation (30 mins)

Every round started with the Interviewer introducing himself and everyone was kind and helpful to me

Round 1: Technical Interview 1

  • I was asked the next greater number which is the simple stack implementation but the interviewer gave me Linked List instead of the array. It was an easy question I told him the trick is to first reverse the list then find the previous greater element n reverse the output. He was satisfied with my answer.
  • The next question was Node To Node’s greatest path sum. He told me if I solved this question and if there’s time I’ll ask you to print the path(there was an awkward laugh). This question was new to me though I know this question exists it was on my to-do list but I didn’t know the solution. This question was more like a discussion I started with wrong assumptions n somehow landed on the correct answer god knows how the Interviewer was quite impressed because he understood that I didn’t know the solution before. He helped me with one point which I missed while writing my code(silly me). There was no time left after giving the solution.

Round 2: Technical Interview 2

  • This was quite an easy round as compared to the previous tech round. After giving an introduction he asked me questions regarding the projects which I happened to mention in my cv. I gave him a full explanation he then moved to the C.S fundamentals
  • OOPs: Code for Inheritance
  • Os: Structure of Os
  • Code: Implement Binary Search.

It was of 45 – 50 mins round.

Round 3: Managerial Discussion

  • This round was strictly based on C.S fundamentals i.e. OOPs, Os, DBMS, Cpp(because there was no Java in my C.V)
  • Asked me what is Inheritance, Polymorphism. I gave him flawless answers told him everything I knew everything I’ve learned so he was quite impressed. Then at last he told me to sort a stack with only push n pop operation I knew there was O(n^2) solution that involves recursion so I gave him the solution he then asked me what’s the time complexity I explained to him after that he told that you’ll get informed.

Round 4: HR Discussion

  • Hr greeted me well after introduction part I was asked:
  • Why NIT JSR I gave him the reason which is quite complicated to write here.
  • What are my future plans – I told him I gave 3 years of my life for preparation to the Jee after 4 years to engineering so technically I’ve given 1/3 of my life to get this S.D.E role so I just want to see where this role can take me. He smiled after I gave my answer.
  • What success means to You.
  • He asked me if I’m enrolled at any company’s interview or anything I told no sir this is my last interview for today and if I got hired then this will be my last college interview or else things works out. He said what if I told you that this is my last college’s interview I was super happy he told me that I got intern + FTE in Vmware, he also told me I can celebrate and this is official, he told we “Generally don’t do this but a review from other interviewer was quite good”, I told them thanks and dropped off the meeting.

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