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VMware Interview Experience for MTS (On-Campus)

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VMware Interview Experience for MTS (Member of Technical Staff)

Eligibility: Circuital Branches, CGPA 7 and above.

Online Test: On the HirePro platform

  • 107 minutes(Sectional Timing for each section)
  • Technical MCQs (Difficult) and  10 Aptitude MCQs.
  • Coding question – 30 mins very easy) – It was mix of matrix manipulation and prime factorization

There was a sectional cut-off, so do well in aptitude too.

15 people were shortlisted for the interviews

Round 1(Technical Interview 1 – 65 minutes): The interviewers were MTS 3 at VMware. They were quite friendly and we had a nice conversation before jumping into coding about my internship project. Then hacker rank code pair link was shared and I was asked to code these two questions:


For the first, I gave both the mathematical approach and XOR approach. 

The interviewer did not have an idea of XOR approach and I had to explain to him the logic of how it works. 

  • He was quite impressed. then I coded it and he gave some edge cases all of which passed. Then we moved on to the 2nd question with constant space complexity for which I came up with an approach of sorting and finding but he asked if we can further optimize it without sorting. He gave me a hint and then we used the approach basic c mapping. 
  • He asked to code it and I did the same. Even this passed all the cases he gave. Then we had a discussion on oops concepts like inheritance and virtual functions. He then asked if I have any questions.

7/15 people moved to next round

Round 2(Technical Interview 2 – 50 minutes): It was a design round and also there were few managerial questions in between. 

  • I was asked to design a system for scheduling jobs and machines. He told me to concentrate on scaling and efficient scheduling so that the machine never goes idle with the jobs waiting to get executed. 
  • There was a detailed discussion on what data structures will be involved. It was a mix of DS and OS concept grilling. I was also asked to explain how we merge binary search trees into a single binary search tree in O(m+n). 
  • I was asked what is my favorite data structure and why? What is my favorite subject and why?  How do I explain data structure definition to a layman? Why do you want to work at VMware? At last, he appreciated how I think everything in broad-spectrum and I was quite happy with that feedback.

4/7 moved to the next round ( 2 from CSE and 2 from my branch(non-CSE ))

Round 3(HR Discussion – 10 minutes): 

  • Next 5-year plan(vision)
  • JEE Rank & Marks
  • About family background
  • Why (college name), Why (branch name), Why into software?
  • Questions from PPT( EPIC2 Principles)
  • Why VMware
  • My weaknesses
  • Feedback regarding the overall process

Result: 2 from CSE were selected

I was rejected. Though I am not sure what the reason was I suspect it’s my branch and JEE rank because all the interviewers looked impressed and I thought I would definitely be selected. I felt terrible. I am posting this article for my future self. Nevertheless, let’s continue hustling!!

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Last Updated : 25 Sep, 2021
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