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VISA Internship Interview Experience (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 27 Sep, 2021
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Company: VISA

Position: Intern

Eligible Branches: CSE, ECE, EEE

CGPA Cut Off: >=7.5

College: National Institute of Technology, Warangal

Round 1: Online Test:

  • Consists of 2 DSA questions to be solved in 1 hr. The questions are not the same for all. And the difficulties too are different. For me, the questions are of easy-medium difficulty.
  • Given a string consisting of alphanumeric characters. Now, we need to find the maximum substring which is a common prefix of the given string and the strings generated by removing any character from the given string.

Eg. Given string s=”abcder”
The strings formed after removing a single character are: bcder, acder, abder,
abcer, abcdr, abcde

  • An array of weights of stones is given. The worker has to break them into pieces. He always takes the 2 most weighted stones and breaks them. If both are of equal weight, they will be completely broken. Or else the smaller one will break completely but the larger one is reduced by the weight of the smaller stone. Finally, he will be left with either one stone or none. What will be the weight of the stone if left?
  • This is an easy-medium question according to the opinion of some other students. I solved this using a priority queue.

18 students got shortlisted for the interview. I was pretty sure that I will be shortlisted for interviews because the OT went very well.  

Round 2: Technical Interview

  • Started with my introduction for around 2 minutes. Then he asked me to give a brief about my project. I along with my friend did an android app as a project.  
  • After giving a brief about the project, he started digging deeper into it.  
  • I told him that I don’t have any idea about the backend and API. And it is done by the other guy.  
  • Draw a flow chart kind of thing that describes the complete structure of the project.
  • In the diagram, a small part is regarding the API and extracting the details from the web. He only focussed on that part????‍♀️. He asked many questions about that part for half an hour.
  • And asked a few questions about the database I used in the project.
  • This process took around 45 minutes. Then he asked about what are the technical skills I am planning to learn in the coming days. I told him that I did a little bit of ML, and I want to explore more about that. He asked me few basic questions regarding ML. (If you really did something regarding ML, you can definitely answer these). This part of the interview is good because I answered all the questions.????
  • At last, Do you have any questions?
  • Use this chance properly. Ask proper questions that make him feel that you are very much interested in joining that company.



  • Results came after 5 hrs. I am pretty sure that I’m not gonna select and preparing for another OT. But, still, there is hope. Because:  I never maintained silence during the interview.  
  • I was continuously asking him questions and clarifying whether I am in the right way or not.
  • I had a very good idea about my project and I showed him this while giving a brief about it.
  • And yeah, I was selected. I rejected 10 rejections by accepting this intern offer from VISA.


  • Never ever neglect Cgpa(like me; I had 7.57 which is very less????), it is very important at every stage of the process. until & unless you are not interested in joining any company, & not going for higher studies. Sometimes solving all the questions in OT doesn’t give you a chance for interviews, only because of CGPA. So, take care of it.
  • Have a good idea about the project.
  • Make sure you also know what your team members did and how you used it.

All the very best

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