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Visa Interview Experience for Internship (On-Campus)

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The intern hiring process was done in two stages : 

  • Online Coding Round
  • Telephonic Interview

Online Coding Round: The round was conducted on HackerRank. There were 4 coding questions to be solved in 90 minutes.

Those who got 2 questions correct or 1 correct,1 partial got selected for the interview. 12/120 selected. I was one of them.

Interview: It was a telephonic interview. First, she started with her introduction and asked about my introduction as well to make me comfortable. She further asked me about my interests, skills, future goals, etc.

  • Questions related to OS-based project on Multithreaded web server
    • Pros and cons. Of different process scheduling algorithms (Round Robin, FCFS, SJF, etc.).
    • How to handle multiple requests at the same time?
    • How to handle requests when the server is being updated? (solution using semaphore implementation similar to the classical reader-writer problem and some of its variants)
    • What if the different users have different priorities, one needs data quickly even if it’s not updated and another user can wait but needs to be updated data?
  • Online Coding Round Experience on HackerRank
    • How was your coding experience on HackerRank?
    • Was the platform user-friendly, any issues that you faced while coding?
    • What are the improvements you want to suggest for the content of the round and the platform?
    • Then I was given another chance to write a code to the question to which my algorithm failed for some test cases in the online round which I quickly did correctly this time and was finally asked to explain the algorithm used in my code. She got quite impressed by my coding skills and felt convinced.
  • HR Questions:
    • Why did you choose the Visa?
    • Why do you think Visa should hire you?
    • How does Visa match your interest and what do you intend to contribute to Visa?
    • Why do you think Visa should not hire you?
    • Observing your projects to be your self-projects, how will you coordinate among your group members if you are given an opportunity here and you have to lead your group? How will you distribute the work among them?
    • We are recruiting interns from different colleges in the country and we found most of the students are currently working in machine learning, so what makes you different from all others exploring machine learning?
    • Despite knowing your interest in machine learning, what if I inform you that Visa no longer invests in machine learning, will you still accept the opportunity or not? If yes, will you change your interest accordingly, or continue exploring your current interest?
    • Any questions you want to ask me? – Hearing her previous question, I got quite curious about the job profile so asked the same to which she clarified that she was only testing my conscience and that Visa has significant work in machine learning which can be explored here.

She concluded the interview by saying you will be informed soon about the results.

Finally, 9/12 were selected in the interview.

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Last Updated : 12 Jan, 2021
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