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VISA Interview Experience for Internship (On-Campus)

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So, Basically, VISA came in our campus DTU, on 5th Dec, we have ha dour coding tests, Questions were very simple luckily, They were from strings, both of those and if you have done practice in Geeks for Geeks, it is more than sufficient.

Online interview 14 Dec, 2020

So, after coding round, they shortlisted 12 students, 

In VISA, wee have only one round of interview for internships, I was puzzled, whether they will ask technical questions or It will be pure HR type and fortunately, it turned out to be almost HR type of round.

So, I will basically tell you guys some strategies of giving an interview.

1) Get the mood of interviewer as soon as possible, For instance, he/she starts with a question on your hobby, you should understand that he is quite calm and wants you to be comfortable, At that point you get an edge of sharing everything you have ever done in your college life. It can be small to small project to big projects.

2) While giving interview, if there is going to be gap between questions, or you are giving very to the point and short answers, avoid it. try to give medium sized answers with further giving him branches to ask questions from the related terms you used, This is called as manoeuvring the interview.

3) If the question is situation based, give very realistic answers, try to divide the situations into further situations, basically use divide and conquer algorithm. They are just checking how well you are in actually understanding the problem and how well you can get out of it.

4) Try to ask creative questions, as they will help him understand how creative you can be, how far you can imagine. For instance: Ask him how you define creativity to your team.

Some questions with general answers:

Q1) How you make the format, if you are thinking to make a project.

A1) I basically divided projects in two states; one being Completely new project and the other being Previously attempted project by someone else.

Then I further described, that I will talk to the people who worked on this and try to get the insight, why it failed, it’s impact and depending on that I will decide, I have to do this project or not, but if it is discovery, I will do it for sure, because no one knows what is coming?

Q2) My interviewer was very good and cooperative so I asked him to present the screen and presented an small android project, with implementation, he asked me what you learnt in this?

A2) I replied, I learnt use of every tool separately and by this project, I learnt how to assemble all tools together.

Few more questions:

1) Prove that you are curious.

For this, you can simply say, I always try to explore new thing, that can prove that I am curious, because curiosity itself mean, you want to learn more about things.

2) Are you really excited to join VISA?

I said, yes, I just don’t want to be an employee, I want to be an asset and obviously I want to be.

And Very important thing, If interviewer is not asking anything about your projects, you should try to initiate to tell him what you have done, because obviously they will see you as a part of their team and it will made them realise that this candidate is really interested to work with us.

Results were declared the same day, 6 of us were selected, including me.


Last Updated : 22 Jan, 2021
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