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Variation of Turing Machine

Last Updated : 17 May, 2024
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Prerequisite – Turing Machine 

1. Multiple track Turing Machine: 

  • A k-track Turing machine(for some k>0) has k-tracks and one R/W head that reads and writes all of them one by one.
  • A k-track Turing Machine can be simulated by a single track Turing machine

2. Two-way infinite Tape Turing Machine: 

  • Infinite tape of two-way infinite tape Turing machine is unbounded in both directions left and right.
  • Two-way infinite tape Turing machine can be simulated by one-way infinite Turing machine(standard Turing machine).

3. Multi-tape Turing Machine: 

  • It has multiple tapes and is controlled by a single head.
  • The Multi-tape Turing machine is different from k-track Turing machine but expressive power is the same.
  • Multi-tape Turing machine can be simulated by single-tape Turing machine.

4. Multi-tape Multi-head Turing Machine: 

  • The multi-tape multi-head Turing machine has multiple tapes and multiple heads
  • Each tape is controlled by a separate head
  • Multi-Tape Multi-head Turing machine can be simulated by a standard Turing machine.

5. Multi-dimensional Tape Turing Machine: 

  • It has multi-dimensional tape where the head can move in any direction that is left, right, up or down.
  • Multi dimensional tape Turing machine can be simulated by one-dimensional Turing machine

6. Multi-head Turing Machine: 

  • A multi-head Turing machine contains two or more heads to read the symbols on the same tape.
  • In one step all the heads sense the scanned symbols and move or write independently.
  • Multi-head Turing machine can be simulated by a single head Turing machine.

7. Non-deterministic Turing Machine: 

  • A non-deterministic Turing machine has a single, one-way infinite tape.
  • For a given state and input symbol has at least one choice to move (finite number of choices for the next move), each choice has several choices of the path that it might follow for a given input string.
  • A non-deterministic Turing machine is equivalent to the deterministic Turing machine.


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