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UBS (Union Bank of Switzerland) Interview Experience | On-Campus

  • Last Updated : 31 Oct, 2019

UBS came to our campus to hire FTEs.The first test conducted on Hackerrank consisted on 30 MCQs on Java(OOPS concepts, Collection framework etc) and some questions on DSA, DBMS and Mental Ability problems along with a coding question.

Coding Question-

There is a huge circle of infinite radius. You can move either clockwise (represented by ‘C’) or anticlockwise (represented by ‘A’) or unknown (represented by ‘?’). User inputs an integer T representing the number of trials in the first line. Then the user inputs the combination of movement string in subsequent T lines like so: 1 AAAA?C You have to answer what was the maximum displacement assuming anything in place of the ?. In this case we can assume that ? is A and so the truck was at some point 5 positions away from the origin and so the output should be 5.
They shortlisted 42 students from some 400 students.

There are about 3 rounds.They might ask you to write some code on paper and discuss your projects with you in detail.They had asked other puzzles from other people as well.You may be asked to go through a psychometric test as well.By the time I was called for first round of interview people had already given three rounds and were done through HR(And still did not get the job for no reason)
I was asked to find the sum first n prime numbers-Pen Paper code

They discussed my projects and asked me if I had any questions for them.

UBS selects a fixed number of students so you have very low chances of getting selected if you interview later as they forwarded people to further rounds without taking first round for all people in my college.
However my interviewers were very friendly and it was a good experience overall.

All the best 😀

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