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Top 5 Cryptocurrency APIs For Developers

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In the past few years, there has been a massive jump in technology. We have witnessed a dynamic change in many cryptocurrencies companies and they’re rapidly changing every single day. As we are speaking, today there are more than 10,000 cryptocurrencies that exist in this world. The new future is going to be an intense crypto world for sure where developers are going to play a major role. Being in a business of crypto requires a strong cryptocurrency API to enhance its capability in real-time research, track, and on the other hand, has to be easy to integrate. With the growing demand for cryptocurrency, there’re tons of APIs available today as its ecosystem is growing every day.


So, today we’re going to break down the technology that has led to this sudden change of technology. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 cryptocurrency APIs which has made it possible in making this a solidified success story. Let’s find out.

1. Binance API

BNB or Binance is one of the best crypto APIs available in the market today. It’s a free and open-source platform and uses 3rd party platform for real-time change in the market. Besides, its API is easy to integrate and likely to get minimal chances of any issues in it.

Binance API helps in making trade easy for their users and due to its popularity in digital currency today, it allows to handle more than 1200 requests every single minute. Being one of the biggest APIs in the market it also allows users with the following:

  • A user can start or cancel the transaction at any given point of time.
  • You can sell/purchase directly with the help of its API
  • In case of any bugs/errors, you can visit the help desk support forum to troubleshoot the identified issue.

2. Coinmarket Cap API

CMC (CoinMarket Cap) API is one of the most interesting crypto APIs for developers and has been widely used for many years. CMC was recently acquired by Binance (which is one of the most hit crypto markets to date). It allows users to check the overall portfolio during trading of past historical data too. It’s a free platform with limited features and a user can view up to 9 endpoints of the market in real-time. 

It comes with 4 different plan structures:-

  • BASIC: Comes with 11 endpoints in real-time, FREE
  • HOBBYIST: This plan comes with the same 11 endpoints in real-time with an addon feature of viewing 1-month historical data, at 29$/month
  • STARTUP: This plan is for commercial purposes and offers 21 market data endpoints where the pricing starts with 79$/month
  • STANDARD: With 29 market data endpoints and 3 months of historical data, this commercial plan comes at 299$/month 

However, this API has also some major pointers to look into before going for it:

  • It can be integrated with the help of Python, Node.Js, Java, PHP, C#, etc.
  • It has a limitation of data and does not provide enough metrics.
  • Its FREE plan has a limitation of 9 market data endpoints.
  • CNC also offers the Mobile app version
  • API is informative and easy to handle

3. Mobula API

Mobula API is a data solution for real-time market prices with the best industry coverage. In Mobula, you get free multi-chain real-time data about any crypto asset, wallet, and transaction, such as crypto price, wallet balance, crypto market cap, exchange routes, and more. Mobula provides you with market data with Octopus, wallet data, and metadata with Metacore, along with GraphSQL, SQL, and REST interfaces to query them. This cryptocurrency API helps you find historical market data as well as cryptocurrency metadata (logo, website, etc.) and multi-chain wallet data. You can also get volume, price, market cap, trades, and liquidity. Some of its distinguishing features are:

  • You can get details of the transactions of every crypto held by a wallet.
  • Get complete, real-time visibility of any wallet’s positions and transactions.
  • Multi-chain & historical view of any metric related to wallets: ROI, portfolios, balances, transactions, etc.
  • Market-data from on-chain sources with historical data granularity

Free access up to 300K credits (twice as much as Coingecko) and the paid plan starts at $250 per month, for further plans, check out their official website.

4. Poloniex API

In the world of digital currency, Poloniex is among the world’s largest crypto exchanges in the market today. Poloniex is owned by Circle and it uses HTTP and WebSockets for real-time data. Currently, there are more than 7,000,000 trades are happening each day. With the help of this API, developers can easily integrate these functionalities into any 3rd party application. Besides this, there are several other factors which you ought to see for more clarity.

  • Poloniex API offers minimal latency which makes it different from others.
  • Its HTTP API helps in retrieving public market data through the public endpoint.
  • Currently, it supports 7 public methods for HTTP GET in JSON format.

5. Kucoin API

It allows users to do trading over a cryptocurrency platform where they can trade somewhere between 180-210 digital currencies like ETH, BTC, LUNA, etc. It’s easy to integrate and users can easily operate it both via mobile and desktop. Kucoin also allows users to view the trends and historical figures of any crypto in the market before investing and it also helps the user to put their favorites on the watchlist so that they can keep a close eye while they fluctuate. As a developer, you need to keep these points in mind while going to Kucoin API:

  • Its interface is user friendly
  • Transparency
  • Users cannot deposit money via Credit Cards
  • It covers a vast market with over 200 cryptocurrency
  • It uses REST API and WebSockets which is easy to integrate

Kucoin’s API is divided into 2 parts REST API and Websockets where REST is divided into 4 categories and WebSockets under two. We have also summarized the subcategories for better clarity.

REST API consists of 4 categories:

  • USER (Private),
  • TRADE (Private),
  • MARKET DATA (Public),
  • Margin Trade & Other details (Public)

Websockets consist of 2 major categories:

  • Public Channel
  • Private Channel


Today, as we are moving towards a digital world, cryptocurrency is becoming a sensation among users from an investment point of view. Being a developer, you may find hundreds of cryptocurrency APIs over the internet but we have shared with you the handpicked top 5 cryptocurrency APIs which can be used without any hesitation. You should always consider those APIs that add more value and offers great support with minimal latency. All you need is to gather the requirements first and the language in which you would like to work.

Last Updated : 03 Jan, 2024
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