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Top 7 Stock Market APIs For Developers

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  • Last Updated : 06 Dec, 2022
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Stock Market is all about the exchange of stocks (also pronounced as Shares) between various buyers and sellers. Since stocks of variable prices are prone to risks, it becomes essential for every buyer and seller to keep an eagle’s eye on the trends associated with stocks. Contemplating if there is a way to analyze those trends? To do the same, various stock prediction tools and software are usually used. Now arises one of the biggest challenges, particularly for developers, and it is – how to connect a buyer/seller with data sources predicting the trends of various stocks accurately, precisely, and speedily? The answer is – Stock Market APIs!


With the impeccable and useful features of stock market APIs, developers can build apps or develop the existing stock products somewhere abridging the gap between the share market trends and a buyer/seller. Let’s take a look at the best stock market APIs helping a lot to buyers and sellers in obtaining real-time time or historic data of stocks and the associated trends for a profitable exchange of goods and services. 

1. Stock News

This API catches not only the clean but the relevant data of the latest stocks from the recognized and relevant news sources. And to access that data, a stock market person who can either be a seller, broker, or buyer can check its feeds, stocks, financial, search, or news services category. 

Thinking if this is possible to access the video content concisely explaining the latest investment trends, statistics of debts, and finances in a nutshell? Kudos, as with the Stock News API’s video category, it has become much flexible to watch the performance of stocks picked by a company or an investor a few weeks or a month ago. 

Hold On…. before you enjoy the business benefits of Stock News API, it is essential to register yourself for an API key. For that, you first: 

  • Browse and select the Get API Key option.
  • Then, fill in all your details like Name, Country, Password, and at last, do select the “I Agree” checkbox. Now click on Login.
  • Wait till you are directed to a 14-days free trial plan starting with $19.99 per month. 
  • Enter other details like Card Number, Name on the Card to make payment.

2. IEX Cloud

IEX Cloud API is one of the easiest ways which developers can use for building and scaling financial applications curated with institutional-grade core datasets like Stocks, Forex, Crypto – all in one place. Without any doubt, its powerful features include:

  • SSE Event Streaming
  • Unlimited Sandbox Testing
  • Flexible pricing which you can check from IEX Cloud API pricing plans. 

Curious to explore the core data catalog managed by this easy-to-integrate API? You can find seamlessly and flexibly stock market dividends, US Stock Prices, end-of-day options, and international stock prices, economic data, key stats, estimates, news, technical indicators, and much more.


Introducing another API that knows well the ins and outs of a stock market – Built by developers to help other developers create crypto or forex-based apps without any C++/Java limitations. Top companies like Google, RobinHood, and Stanford trust the real-time trades or stock financials data resourcefully generated by options.

In those options, you can hassle-free discover: 

  • Options API for trades, aggregates, previous close, or quotes (NBBO).
  • Reference Data API for ticker details, markets, locales, & condition mappings.
  • 100 percent market coverage to make you aware of the accurate and latest price of a ticker.

4. Bloomberg API

Bloomberg API is offering access to data like various stock market trends (either delayed or real-time), intraday trading records, and most importantly reference data from which various professionals of the finance sector can cross-examine a range of details like the name of a buyer/seller involved in a trading contract, security number of the product used for trading.

Indeed, for accessing such data in real-time, you need to subscribe to Bloomberg Professional Services managed and monitored by a computer software system Bloomberg terminal. Its pricing starts from $2000 per month which is costly but still, more than 3 Lakh users (including financial analysts, portfolio managers, and institutional investors) are using this since its capabilities like risk modeling, access to live chat let them place trades globally.    

5. Intrinio

Equipped with predictive and classified machine learning algorithms, Intrinio’s resources are helpful for investors and stock traders with their mission-critical equity options and stocks data. Furthermore, it provides intraday and real-time data segmented by types of buyers and sellers interacting and transacting with stocks on a monthly or quarterly basis. Other than all this, you can use Intrinio for:

  • app-building that can helpfully shape the strategies related to investments in stocks.
  • finding the right optional and equity package.
  • downloading stock price analysis report that empower its users to exchange, sell, or issue assets on various trading platforms.
  • connecting with relevant data sources (via API keys) that can track primary and secondary stock markets in a standardized and financialized format. 

6. Alpaca

Alpaca deserves the love of traders, buyers, and sellers of stocks, and developers with its commission-free algorithmic trading environment managing well all the assets and other real-time stock market data in an insightful and trade-worthy manner. Besides, its API trading integration capabilities have ramped various businesses up thereby benefitting customers in an indirect manner. Use Alpaca when:

  • you need to connect your applications with live brokerage services which, if applied, can flexibly upscale your stocks’ value.  
  • advanced investing options need to be activated which boosts your production.
  • you need to check the codes so that if required can be applied and updated live.

7. Yahoo Finance API

Yahoo Finance API isn’t officially available yet you can access this service providing financial information, stock quotes, and press releases of more than 30000 stocks entertained by the current stock market. In addition, through its REST API architecture, developers can flexibly connect a range of offerings in the form of endpoints in this order:

  • market
  • stock
  • news 
  • screener
  • conversations

And finding those endpoints isn’t that difficult!! For this, you must refer to Yahoo Finance API documentation and analyze precisely those endpoints. All this will help a buyer, seller, or stock market enthusiast keep pace with the frequently-changing stocks as he/she can now find stock prices live on this news API. If required, he/she can catch sights of stock quotes, the international outlook of various stock exchanges, and much more in a continuous and updated manner. 

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