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Top 10 Practical Applications of JavaScript For Professionals

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  • Last Updated : 15 Jan, 2023
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JavaScript is one of the most popular programming languages used by more than 97% of websites. Thus, it’s very important for JavaScript professionals to have a good grip on it. Using JavaScript you can build some of the best websites useful for industries to grow. Those who already have an idea of working with JavaScript, can try some of the advanced features and implement them to create some amazing and practical web applications. Building some of the best practical applications using JavaScript is a must to have a good grasp of it. 

Practical Applications of JavaScript

In this article, you’ll be coming across the Top 10 Practical Applications of JavaScript For Professionals. You should have at least a basic knowledge of JavaScript before building such applications. Javascript is also one of the highest-paying programming languages with an average salary of 6 LPA per year in India which increases based on experience. Without much delay, let’s start our journey of building applications of JavaScript. 

What is JavaScript(JS)? 

JavaScript is the most popular object-oriented programming language (Object Oriented Programming is a technique where we work with data and objects). It’s abbreviated as JS. It’s a scripting language that the developers use to implement complex features on a web page and also to create dynamic web pages. With the help of HTML & CSS, we create static web pages. HTML creates the design and CSS styles it. But JavaScript makes a page interactive. The role of JavaScript can be understood by the fact that if we remove JavaScript, more than 90% of the websites would be static. 

Features of JavaScript

  • It works on all types of operating systems e.g. Mac, Windows, Linux, etc.
  • Both the Front and back ends can be implemented with JavaScript.
  • JavaScript has a variety of libraries and frameworks like ReactJs, AngularJs, ExpressJs, etc. that give leverage to the developers to add distinct attributes to the apps and websites.  
  • It gets updated on a yearly basis. The most updated version so far is ES6 (ECMAScript 6).
  • It’s a very fast and efficient programming language. 
  • Most developers find JS easy to learn the language and it has a very good scope of landing a job.

Top Practical Applications For JavaScript  Professionals

JavaScript is the most versatile programming language. It’s being used almost everywhere from web pages to mobile apps. Some of the very important JavaScript applications are as follows –  

1. Web Development 

Most of the developers use JavaScript for development, as it’s efficient in both front-end and back-end. HTML gives structure to a page and CSS is used to give web pages their style, but JavaScript is absolutely necessary for dynamically updating features. It’s used to make a web page interactive. 

JavaScript is added to HTML in two ways – 

a) Internally:  JavaScript can be added to the HTML file using the “script” tag. 

         JS Code


<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">
        Basic Example to Describe JavaScript
        console.log("Welcome to GeeksforGeeks");

b) Externally: To use JavaScript as an external file, first, we create a new file with (“.js”) extension. Then we link this file with our HTML file. This is how JavaScript is used in Web Development. Google, YouTube, Facebook,  Amazon,  LinkedIn, etc. some of the famous websites built using JavaScript. 

2. Single Page Applications (SPAs)

One of the finest applications of JavaScript programming language is that we can create single page applications (SPAs) with the help of libraries like ReatJs, AngularJs, PolymerJs, and VueJS. Single Page Application: A single-page application (SPA) is a web application or website that interacts with the user by dynamically rewriting the current web page with new data from the web server, instead of the default method of a web browser loading entire new pages. This is one of the most used applications of JavaScript. You must give it a try. 

3)Mobile App Development 

Mobile apps nowadays are becoming part of our lives and they make our lives very easy. These apps can be built on JavaScript. There are so many frameworks of JavaScript, that are being used for developing web applications. Some of the popular JavaScript Frameworks for mobile apps development are as follows: 

  • Sencha ExtJS (Sencha Touch)
  • React Native
  • Ionic
  • Mobile Angular UI
  • Apache Cordova
  • jQuery Mobile
  • Ember.js

With these frameworks, we can use APIs(Application Programming Interfaces).

4. Game Development

One of the important applications of JavaScript is Game Development. The game’s built-in JavaScript runs on almost all devices due to its variability. JavaScript is used with HTML5 in developing games usually. For graphics in game development, the library EaselJS is used. Some of the games built with no JavaScript are: 

  • Tic Tac Toe
  • Snake Game
  • Hangman
  • Rock Paper Scissor etc.

5. Web Servers and Server Applications  

JavaScript is not only used for front-end development. The NodeJs framework of JS is used for the back end and also for creating these web servers. Because of this Node.js, and JavaScript runs on the server. NodeJs has an HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) module so it can build an HTTP server as well. NodeJs is designed to develop high-scaling servers. It’s one of the finest applications of JavaScript.Again, JavaScript works very well in all types of operating systems, hence Node.js works perfectly well on Mac, Linux, and windows. 

You must definitely try out Advanced Javascript-Self Paced this course which covers everything a web developer professional must know so as to build or implement some wonderful websites. 

6. Apps for Smart Watches

Now things are shifting from mobile phones to smartwatches. And smartwatches are a smaller substitute for mobile phones. For the application development for smartwatches, we have got a library called Pebble. Pebble.js is used to create applications for smartwatches. You can also use Bangle.js for creating a smartwatch using JavaScript, it is sunlight-readable, has 4-week battery life, is flexible, and has complete control of your data. You can also install new web apps and develop your own using JavaScript.

7. Making Drawing Applications

We have a feature of the canvas element in JavaScript. With the help of this, we can create drawings on web pages. There may be 2D and 3D drawings as well. This has been a great step for projects on digital art. The main features of this canvas element of HTML in JavaScript are that –

  • We can draw freely on the canvas.
  • There are so many colors.
  • We can clear this canvas.
  • Also, we can save this drawing in our system as an image.  

8. Making Charts and Reports

There are so many charting libraries that prepare charts according to the given data but the most popular (according to the stars on Github) one is Chart.js.  Chart.js is very easy to start with and get the app ready. This has the following features: 

  • Data Decimation: It helps to get the accuracy of the chart. 
  • Responsive charts: Charts prepared using Chart.js are already responsive, these can be seen in any window size. 
  • Device pixel ratio: It maintains the pixel ratio for different devices and window sizes. 

9. Presentations

Presentations can be more fun than just making PPTs. JavaScript has got the solution for this as well. This slide can be prepared using the JavaScript libraries like RevealJS and BespokeJS. One of the major advantages of having such deployed presentations would be that they will be accessible to everyone with just one link and on any device, this can be seen. These frameworks support all HTML designs and CSS stylings. BespokeJS is a lightweight framework and it comes with mindblowing features which are as follows –

  • It has a feature of Animated bullet points.
  • Syntax highlighting can be done.  etc. 

10. Machine Learning with JavaScript 

Although in any level of Machine Learning, Python programming language always dominates any other programming language. But, there is the evolution of JavaScript in many machine learning models. The community doing Machine learning with JavaScript is growing. 

One of the most popular machine learning packages TensorFlow has its JavaScript version as TenserFlow.js. It can be used to develop Machine Learning models and with the help of Node.js (used for the back-end), we can make it accessible to the back end.


As we saw the applications of JavaScript above, you may notice that JavaScript covers almost all aspects. It’s used everywhere, making it to be the most used programming language. Also, JavaScript is an Object Oriented Programming language, which is very helpful to developers while coding with dynamic features to give an interactive experience for users. Also, there are other domains as well which JavaScript covers for building an application. 

Its vast use has made it a must-have language for every developer. JavaScript is being used in more than 90% of the web. Without JavaScript, these will become static. Also, it is easy to learn and it has various career opportunities. One must learn JavaScript and practice it to become a web developer. 

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