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TCS Ninja Interview Experience 2021 Batch(Virtual)

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2022
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I had my NQT exam on 28th Oct 2020, and I got a mail telling me that I was selected for the next round i.e Interview.

And I had my Interview on 5th December 2020 at 5 P.M, and later HR called me and scheduled my interview at 12.30 P.M, the platform used was Cisco Webex.

There were 3 panelists namely HR, MR, TR.

After I joined the meeting, HR welcomed me and my marks from 10th to till date. And he asked me to show the ID proof(I showed my aadhar card). And then TR started asking me questions. They were:

  1. Tell me about yourself: I told him my marks and told him I am interested in Web development and told him about my internship and projects.
  2. Difference between HTTP and HTTPS?
  3. In which programming languages are you good at?: I told java and python.
  4. Difference between JAVA and Python.
  5. What were the challenges faced during the Internship?
  6. What is the HTML code to print “Hello TCS”: He just asked me to tell, but for some of my friends they asked to type it in the text editor.
  7. What is CSS?
  8. What is Bootstrap?
  9. What is JSP?
  10. Are you familiar with using UNIX?: I answerers Yes.
  11. What is the command used to copy the file? (Not answered)
  12. What all other commands you know?
  13. What is a database?
  14. How is data stored in the database?
  15. What are group by and aggregate functions in the database?
  16. Are u not interested in programming? I answered Yes.
  17. Have you written any java programs? I answered that I have not written in my projects and internship, but we had labs and I have used in labs
  18. What is a class, What are the data types?

Note: I was not asked to write any programs, but they may ask.

MR Round:

  1. You have scored such good marks in your engineering, Are u not interested in Higher Studies? (My CGPA was 8.95)
  2. What do you know about TCS?
  3. Which is your favorite subject?
  4. What are your aspirations?

That’s all for MR

HR Round:

  1. You mentioned that your favorite subject is java, can you work on different projects other than java?
  2. Are you ready to relocate?
  3. Are you ok with night shifts?
  4. You have to work from home or come to the workplace, Are you having any problems?
  5. There is a service agreement stating “You have to work in TCS for at least one year or pay 50K”. Are you willing to sign the service agreement?

And the interview lasted for 30 minutes. I am waiting for my results.

Note: You may be asked to write the program by sharing the screen or even can be asked to write some code related to your project

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