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TCS Ninja NQT Interview Experience 2021

  • Last Updated : 30 Dec, 2020

I had given my NQT Exam on 28th October, later I got an email telling me I am selected in NQT Toppers, so I was eligible to seat for TCS digital.

But on the day of the Digital exam, the server was unresponsive and I lost 25 minutes of my 1-hour exam. Later I got a mail-in on 24th November that I had my Ninja interview on 26th November. My interview started at 10:10 AM on the Microsoft Teams platform.

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There were three panelists TR, MR, HR. After my joining, they asked me to show my Identity proof. I wished them good morning so did they. After that the TR started asking me the following questions:

TR Round:

  1. Introduce yourself and discuss what have you done in this lockdown period. After the introduction I discussed all certifications done and important skills I have gained in these recent months. I told them about my interests and hobbies.
  2. I see you are interested in AI. Have you done any courses? : I told him about a course I have undertaken which was of elementary level.
  3. Tell me the beneficiaries of AI. 
  4. Have you had done any IT-related projects?: NO but I have done hardware projects. (P.S: I am an Electrical Engineer).
  5. What are the Class and Object? What is inheritance? Answered and described both with real-life examples.
  6. What are Polymorphism and its types? Answered all compile type, run-type, etc.
  7. What is Multithreading? (Not answered).
  8. What are the data types?
  9. What is Machine Learning? How do you implement it? (Answered partially).
  10. Define AI in Leigh man’s style. ( TR was asking for another type of answers here).

HR Round:

  1. How would you rate yourself in all the languages you know?(In C-9,c++ -8,JAVA -7 and discussed causes).

She was having some internet problems throughout the interview. At last, she could not ask me any questions.

MR Round:

  1. Tell me about your grades in software-related subjects.
  2. Any backlogs or year gap? Tell me years of the passing of 10 and 12 and expected graduation time?
  3. Tell me your 10,12 marks and college CGPA’s.
  4. What is your favorite subject?

The interview lasted for around 40 minutes. I am waiting for my results.

Note: They were very frank throughout the interview.

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