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TCS Ninja Final Interview (All India Campus)

Last Updated : 11 Jan, 2023
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My interview experience was fairly good. I got a positive vibe from my overall experience. The results are still awaited. FINGERS CROSSED.
Mine was an online interview. Both the technical and HR interviewers were sitting on the other side of the computer screen, ready to shoot questions while I walked into this deserted Lab of my campus.

Technical Interview Round :
She asked me to introduce myself to straightaway. I did the same, then she asked me about the programming language I am comfortable with. Since I was really confident in C. I said C. Twist, she asks me what are you learning other than C and C++. I said JAVA. What else, she asked. Now, since I am currently learning Python, I say python. Then she asked me why I chose to learn Python. I answered with few of the features of Python. Then she asked me to write a program to print the factorial of a number. They had shared the screen and I had to code on my computer while they watch me code in theirs. After that, she asked me to explain the code, which I did.
Then she turned towards DBMS. Are you familiar with the concepts of DBMS? She asked. I said yes. I have worked with databased for my minor projects and I know the concepts of DBMS. First question, what is an index? Next, the difference between a table and a view. Next, What are DDL and DML commands. Give me some examples. Next, What is truncate. What is delete? How are both different. I tried to answer all these questions and she looked fairly convinced. Next, she asked me about DATA warehousing. I had a basic idea about it and told her upfront that I can give you an outline of the topic but I can’t go deep into it. She handed over to the HR.

HR Interview Round:

The first question he asked was about relocation. If I had any problem if they post me at any place of their choice. I said no. He asked me what if I relocate you to Guwahati? I said that I have been in Bhopal since my childhood. Now I feel like exploring new places and it would be completely fine with me. Next, he asked what if he sent me to Chandigarh. I said It’s okay with me. And that’s what he wanted. He said, “Chandigarh me to TCS hai hi nahi”. Now both of them have a good laugh about it and that made me smirk too.
Next, he asked me if I had any post-graduation plans. I said no, as of now I just want to get placed and start my professional career. Some years down the line, if another degree comes in between me and promotion at TCS, I’ll do it.
Next, he told me about the Bond policies of TCS and then lastly he asked me if I had any query. I asked him what TCS looks for, in a fresher. And my interview ended.

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