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TCS Ninja Interview Experience (Off- Campus)

  • Last Updated : 14 Jan, 2021

I had been through the TCS Ninja Interview during 2019-2020. So, I would like to share my experience.

  • Position: Assistant System Engineer – Trainee

There was a total of three rounds 1 written+  1 technical + 1 HR.

Round1(Written): This round is basically an elimination round. The duration for this round is 165 min.  This round consists of five sections and each section needs to be completed in a particular time frame specified. We need to follow the order of sections specified and once we are done with any section we cannot go back to the previous section. And after solving each question, make sure that the SUBMIT button is hit for the answer to be successfully submitted.

This round comprises the following sections:  

  1. Verbal Ability: This is the first section where the duration is only 30 minutes. The questions comprised of solving questions based on comprehensions given, sentence completion, antonyms, synonyms, and spotting – errors.
  2. Reasoning Ability: This is the second section where the duration is again 30 minutes. The questions in this section were based on topics like blood-relation, coding-decoding, logical Connectives and syllogisms, calendars, etc.
  3. Numerical Ability: This is the third section where the duration is again 30 minutes. The questions in this section were based on topics like permutation and combination, age, probability, profit and loss, etc. 
  4. Programming Logic: This is the fourth section where the duration is again 30 minutes. The questions were basically multiple-choice questions based on JAVA, C++, C. Some common topics which need to be given more attention include arrays, strings, control statements, functions, OOPS, STL, etc. while preparing for this section.
  5. Coding: This is the final section where the duration is only 45 minutes. There will be only one question that needs to be solved in any one of the languages which include Python, JAVA, C++, C, etc.

The different resources which I used during my preparations were RS Aggarwal for quantitative questions and HackerRank platform for practicing coding. 

Round2 (Technical Interview): This round was the F2F round where at first I was asked to introduce myself and then I was asked about my technical skillsets. Then I was asked to write code on factorial, Fibonacci series, and palindrome. I was also about stack and queue operations.

Round3 (HR): This round was also the F2F round where our personality is being checked, and we are asked whether we are okay with relocation for which my answer was yes.


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