TCS Interview Experience

Round 1: Round 1 was the online test which included three categories. Category 1 was theenglish test wherein there were MCQs based on basic english(It was very very easy). Category 2 was the apti test which included both easy as well as tough questions. I studied  apti from various sites like geeks for geeks, indiabix, prepinsta. Third was the technical round which included MCQs on C, data structure, algorithm(important topics: longest common subsequence, knapsack problem, time complexity, sorting). Technical round also included coding. Coding was bit tricky and was the combination of two or more series.

Round 2:

I was then selected for the interview. I gave interview on skype.

My interview took place for more than 45 min.

First of all the interviewer scanned my resume and noticed languages like ‘R’, python which I had mentioned in my resume. He also noticed I did my minor project in machine learning so then he  started asking questions.

q1: why did you choose ML ?

Q2: what was your role in project.

Q3. Have you heard about Big Data?

Q4. what is regression, clustering, K-means, classification?

Q5. Write a program in C and in R to check whether a given year is a leap year or not.

Q6. what were your favourite subjects in 12th?

So, basically he asked a lot about my project. He digged me in possible way.

some other questions were:

can u relocate?

what if you get place in any other company giving more package than TCS?


Round 3: HR round

This round was really  tough and the HR tried to overpower us. He asked question Why TCS and himself said I don’t want to hear any ans like ‘tcs is a brand, tcs would provide good opportunity blah blah..’

he scanned everyone’s marksheets and asked the reason why there were ups-downs  in marks if there were in anyone’s.we were 8 and he asked us to decide and tell him any 4 people’s name whom he must hire among us.


My suggestion: Plz study about your minor project, training properly. Don’t panic. Try to be expressive, do not finish your ans in one word. Do not let the interviewer over power you. they frame question from what you speak so try to ans in such a manner so that even if he asks you question from out of context, you may be able to drive him toward your stronger field  and yes, have knowledge about the recent technologies, happenings.Be prepared for real time situations.

All the best! 🙂


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