TCS Interview Experience | Set 29 (Pool Campus)

TCS had conducted a pool campus in our college. Around 750-800 students had participated in it. On 11th Nov, writing round was conducted.

Writing round consist of 4 sections as follows:

  1. Email Writing: The email round was not so tough. There are basic rules related to punctuation, grammar that we need to follow. 10 min time had been allotted for this section. My subject is to ask for compensation from private airline company as the person lost his bag because of their immature behaviour.
  2. Quantitative Aptitude: This section consists of  18+2 questions from various topics such as area, volume, Number System and so on. Time allotted for this round is 40 min. Questions were not so tough. Most importantly, the majority of questions are from campus gate and m4maths. So I will suggest everybody, to practice from these two sites, that will be more than enough to clear this round easily.
  3. C MCQ: This round will check your basic knowledge of C language. This round will have 20 min for (8+2) questions. I will suggest, brush up your basic  ‘C’ language knowledge. That will be enough.
  4. C coding: This round was also one of the easiest because of the questions were very basic. Time allotted for this round is 20 min. I had got the question to find the sum of odd numbers within given range. My friends got the questions such as to check the palindrome, print the sum of odd digits of a given number. I would suggest to complete the code in 15 min as the compilation and execution, both were taking around 20 sec each.


The results have been declared and I have been shortlisted for next round. Now I am waiting for interview dates.

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